mattress for side sleepers

All you need to know about mattresses for side sleepers

Your preferred sleeping position is as personal a choice, just like your food habits. As you lay on the bed to embrace the lap of sleep, you will find yourself quickly turning into the position of your choice. However, if your mattress doesn’t support your sleeping style, getting a good night sleep can become a challenge. More so, if you are a side sleeper and suffer from back pain.

Side sleepers will agree that it is one of the most comfortable positions to sleep. Whether you like to curl up in the foetal position or stretch out your limbs like a log, it can relax your body like nothing else. Besides, sleeping on the side comes with several advantages as compared to sleeping on the back or stomach.

Firstly, it prevents you from snoring excessively and disturbing your partner’s sleep. In fact, several people suffering from sleep apnea are advised to sleep on their sides instead of their back. It widens your airway and protects you from breathing difficulties. Secondly, it also reduces your digestive and other stomach-related problems.

Why do side sleepers need a good mattress?

If you do not have the right mattress, it can lead to health problems. Unfortunately, several mattresses do not offer the right support for side sleepers. They are either too firm and do not relieve pressure from the shoulders and hips. Or, they are too soft and let the body sink deep as you lay on them. You need a medium-soft mattress with a hybrid technology that can offer utmost comfort.

One of the most important things while buying a mattress for side sleepers is the right support. As your shoulders and hip joints tend to sink into the mattress while sleeping on your side, you need an option that can offer the right kind of support. An orthopaedic memory foam mattress is an ideal option if you are looking for a mattress for side sleepers.

The best mattress for side sleepersĀ 

When you step out to buy a mattress for your specific needs, you may come across several options in the market. However, we have the option if you are looking for the best mattress for back pain 2020. Wakefit offers the best mattress for side sleepers with back pain. Their orthopaedic memory foam mattress is designed with a specific focus on cushioning and support. The design is well-thought-out and is based on data collected after talking to hundreds of people about their sleep patterns and health problems.

Benefits of Wakefit orthopaedic memory foam mattress


Among several things, the right mattress for back pain depends upon your weight. Taking care of this aspect, Wakefit offers two variants in this segment. There is a mattress which has 8 inches thickness and is the right option if you or your sleep partner is above 80 kgs. On the other hand, is the option of 6 inches thickness if your weight is below 80 kgs.

Resilience and firmness

The mattress is made of next-generation memory foam which adapts to the body shape of the sleeper. It contours to your body and provides adequate support to all the pressure points. Moreover, it spreads your bodyweight uniformly and is thus the best mattress for upper and lower back pain.

The Wakefit orthopaedic memory foam mattress realigns your body weight so that you don’t get blood clots. At the same time, it provides spinal alignment and thus, also corrects your sleeping posture. Additionally, the foam has high resilience and offers you firm support and cushion so that you are not restless in the night.

The mattress has a special zonal support transition layer that ensures that the heaviest part of your body gets more firmness and support. The lighter parts need a soft cushioning, and the mattress takes care of that too.


Built from quality materials, the mattress is durable and will last you a long time. It comes with a 10-year warranty which shows the trust of the manufacturers in their product. The mattress can be used on both sides and thus, gives you more for a single purchase. It comes with a removable cover and is washable so that you can maintain hygiene at all times.

Motion isolation

To offer the best quality of sleep, Wakefit mattress offers motion isolation. It ensures that you do not get disturbed from the tossing and turning of your sleep partner. The mattress is made of a new foam technology that keeps you cool at all times. Several mattresses absorb tremendous amounts of heat and radiate it during the night. You won’t have to worry about it with the Wakefit orthopaedic memory foam mattress.

In conclusion

If you are a side sleeper, your need for a good mattress is understandable. More so, if you suffer from health problems like back pain. In that case, you need the best mattress for upper and lower back pain which can offer the right cushioning and support.