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Best budget mattress

Are you looking for a budget mattress? Do you want a mattress that fulfils all of your sleep requirements, but also isn’t too expensive? If your answer to both questions is yes, then you have found your way to the right article. 

In today’s post, we will tell you about the chief features of all four types of mattresses, namely,  coir mattress, innerspring mattress, latex mattress, and memory foam mattress. We will also tell you what pocket pinch to expect for each. 

When mattress shopping, the key features to look at are durability, firmness, support, comfort, and pricing. Let us see how each mattress type does in these areas. 

Coir mattress 

A coir mattress is a natural mattress made of coconut husk. As a result, the mattress is hypoallergenic. This means the mattress will not aggravate your allergies. If you have sensitive skin prone to acne or other skin conditions, then a coir mattress will ensure these abnormalities are not worsened. For people with asthma or other breathing-related issues, this mattress is a good choice. It ensures no dust mites settle on the surface of the mattress or seep into the bedding material. Because of this, the mattress maintains the overall freshness and hygiene of the entire bedding. 

The mattress offers great natural firmness too. However, with use, the mattress begins to sag, first along the edges and then completely. Due to this, sleeping on a coir mattress can eventually affect your posture. It can also worsen your back ailments instead of providing relief from aches.

Coir mattresses are generally the least expensive among the four types. However, if you go for an anti-sagging coir mattress with additional layers, you will be charged accordingly. 

Innerspring mattress 

The quality of an innerspring mattress depends on the quality of metal coils used. The number of coils and how closely they are packed also are crucial indicators of the mattress’ comfort and firmness. 

The lumbar support offered by an innerspring mattress is quite commendable. It is bouncy, which makes the sleeper get in and out of it effortlessly. It is not hypoallergenic though because of which it cannot keep allergens at bay

The other problem with this mattress type is that, after using the mattress only for a couple of years, sleepers complain about the squeaky sound made by it. This is because the metal coils begin to disintegrate, and therefore, when the sleeper tosses or turns, the coils make that annoying, sleep-interrupting sound. 

Though the innerspring mattress is a budget mattress, its disadvantages might make you not want to invest in it. A hybrid mattress (innerspring designed with an additional layer of latex or memory foam) may be a solution. However, its support is not as great as that offered by latex or memory foam on their own. 

Latex mattress 

Natural latex mattresses are loved by customers for its hypoallergenic quality and its fast response time. If you press the surface of the mattress with something and remove the pressure quickly, then the time taken by the mattress to regain its original shape is called response time. Quick response time is crucial to ensure the sleeper doesn’t feel stuck in the mattress. 

It offers good support to the sleeper’s body too, by preventing the creation of pressure points in the sleeper’s neck, hips, and shoulders. The mattress offers motion isolation too, by ensuring the movement of one sleeper does not disturb the sleep of the other. 


Memory foam mattress 

Definitely the best budget mattress on the list, according to us and hundreds of customer reviews that we have gone through.

This mattress is preferred by sleepers around the world mainly for its unique ability to adapt to the body shape of the sleeper. The mattress does not create pressure points in the sleeper’s body. Thus, expect no aches in the neck, shoulders, or hips. The mattress maintains the natural alignment of the spine by not bending it in an unnatural way. The mattress distributes the bodyweight of the sleeper uniformly so that no feeling of restless is felt by the sleeper and no blood clots are created in the sleeper’s body. 

The mattress offers other features, such as motion isolation and zero disturbance. It is hypoallergenic, therefore hygienic and fresh. For temperature control, the memory foam mattress brands include one or the other cooling technology in their design, such as gel memory foam, cooling crystals, heavy quilting, open-cell structure, etc. 

Which budget mattress are you planning to buy? Which of your sleep requirements is being fulfilled by this mattress type?