Best mattress for arthritis sufferers

Best mattress for arthritis sufferers

Arthritis or joint inflammation is on the rise due to our sedentary lifestyle. While exercising and taking a health professional’s opinion can go a long way in ensuring you don’t develop the condition or at least that the condition does not deteriorate, sleeping well is one of the best ways to help yourself. 

To this end, it really matters what kind of mattress you are using. Let us look at the four most common mattress types and see which one is the best mattress for arthritis sufferers.

Coir mattress

Coir naturally offers good spinal support. It ensures that the spine of the sleeper is not bent in an unnatural way. A rubberized coir mattress can apart from the firmness also offer softness so that the sleeper does not feel pushed right on top of the mattress. 

However, the problem with coir is that it is not durable. As a result, it starts sagging very quickly, thus making the experience of sleeping on it uncomfortable. Sleeping on a sagging mattress can do more harm to your joint pain than help, and therefore, it is best to avoid coir mattresses if you are an arthritis sufferer. 

Innerspring mattress

The innerspring mattress can offer good relief from arthritis pain. This mainly depends on the quality of the metal coils used to construct the mattress. Compared to hybrid mattresses, however, innerspring mattresses do not offer greater comfort. Hybrid mattresses have a layer or two of memory foam or latex mattress along with innerspring. This added layer offers the mattress the ability to prevent joint pain by reducing the creation of pressure points in the sleeper’s body. 

Latex mattress

A latex mattress offers several features which makes it well suited for back pain. Latex, especially natural latex, is buoyant. Because of this, it not only cushions the sleeper’s body but also gives great firmness to the parts that require greater support. As a result, no pain is felt in the pressure points – the neck, shoulders, and hips. 

When experiencing back pain, the sleeper tends to move a lot. This movement further deteriorates the condition of the sleeper. Latex mattress helps minimize this tossing and turning in the sleeper, thus giving the sleeper’s back the rest it needs to recuperate. 

If you are a sleeper who keeps changing their positions through the night, that is, you sleep on your back, your sides, and your stomach, all during one night itself, then you have nothing to worry about. A latex mattress will accommodate your position and offer pain relief to you regardless. 

Memory foam mattress 

What makes memory foam mattress the best mattress for arthritis sufferers is its ability to contour the body of the sleeper. Memory foam mattresses adapt to the body shape of the sleeper, and therefore, ensure no pressure points are created in the sleeper’s body. Because of this, the sleeper does not end up hurting his or her neck, shoulders, and/or hips, by sleeping on a memory foam mattress. These mattresses also distribute the body weight of the sleeper uniformly so that the sleeper’s body gets adequate support for both the lighter parts as well as the heavier body parts. 

Memory foam mattress with its ability to conform and to distribute the body weight uniformly ensures that the sleeper’s spine is not bent in an unnatural way. Throughout the night, irrespective of position (whether you sleep on your back, your stomach, or your sides), a memory foam mattress will maintain the natural alignment of your spine. Over time, this also helps improve the sleeper’s posture or at least ensure that no postural defect is caused in the sleeper. 

Memory foam continues supporting your body even if the mattress is being used by two people. This is because of the mattress’ ability to offer motion isolation. Due to this property, even when one partner tosses and turns or slips out of bed often, the other partner will not be disturbed. The memory foam mattress will absorb the motion of one sleeper and completely isolate it so that the other sleeper can continue with their sleep uninterrupted. 

Which of these four mattresses are you currently using? How well does it protect your joints? Do you wake up with a backache?