Best mattress for people who have sedentary lifestyle

Best mattress for people who have sedentary lifestyle

Most of us live sedentary lives nowadays. Our lives involve very little physical activity. Most of our time is spent in front of screens. We do that both to earn a living as well as to give ourselves some leisure time. In such a case, it is quite likely that over time we develop several physical complications owing to this lifestyle. While making some life changes like working out, disconnecting and unplugging, spending more time in nature is necessary, immediate relief can be brought by the right mattress. 

There are various mattress types available in the market, the most common being coir, latex, innerspring, and memory foam. Which of these mattresses should one purchase if they have a sedentary lifestyle? The answer lies in the problems caused by this kind of lifestyle. Therefore, let us look at that first. 

People with sedentary lifestyles complain most about postural defects, back pain, and weight-related issues. Which mattress type is most suitable for these problems? 

Coir mattress 

Coir mattress is preferred by many people because it is naturally hypoallergenic. It is also firm which makes it popular among sleepers. However, the fact that these mattresses begin to sag pretty soon makes them unsuitable for those with a sedentary way of life. These mattresses might aggravate your back pain and cause postural defects too. 

Innerspring mattress 

Depending on the quality of metal coils used in the innerspring mattress, it can alleviate pain related to an inactive lifestyle. However, over time these mattresses begin to make a squeaky sound as the coils begin to wear and tear. This might cause uncomfortable and interrupted sleep, which is highly undesirable when you are trying to give your body the perfect rest it needs in order to replenish each cell. 

Latex mattress

A latex mattress, especially natural latex mattress ticks all the boxes. It is firm, it is durable, and it has a fast response time. Response time of a mattress is its ability to regain its original shape. You can easily test this by pressing your hand into the latex mattress and then releasing it. The mattress will take very little time to regain its original shape. This means by sleeping on a latex mattress you will not feel stuck and will be able to get out of bed rather easily. A mattress with slow response time can worsen your back pain and therefore must be avoided. 

Memory foam mattress 

What makes memory foam mattress the most compatible mattress for people with sedentary lifestyles? First, these mattresses flawlessly conform to the body shape of the sleeper. No pressure points are felt in the sleeper’s neck, shoulders, and hips. As a result, they can expect to experience no pain in their joints as well. Memory foam was initially used for patients who could not move, which speaks volumes of its ability to help those with sedentary lives. 

Secondly, orthopaedic memory foam mattress distributes the bodyweight of the sleeper uniformly. No blood clots and/or anxieties are caused in the sleeper. Due to these two factors, a memory foam mattress makes sure the sleeper’s spine maintains its natural alignment during sleep. As a result, postural defects are corrected or at least not caused in the sleeper. 

Thirdly, a memory foam mattress accommodates all sorts of sleeping positions. So it is a good choice for anyone irrespective of how they sleep – on their stomachs, on their backs, on their sides. Even if you change your sleeping position through the night, the mattress will adapt to your body shape regardless, and give you a good sleep. However, when purchasing a memory foam mattress, you need to make sure the brand has incorporated a cooling technology into its design to provide air and heat ventilation. 


Apart from getting yourself the right mattress, you also need to make certain lifestyle changes to ensure better sleep. Disconnecting from the virtual world an hour before sleep goes a long way in ensuring you sleep well. Try it for a month and let us know how it went.