Can’t choose between Coir and Latex Mattresses? We’ve listed out the pros and cons of both.

Coir mattress

Coir mattress or coconut husk mattress is a natural mattress. These are hypoallergenic mattresses, that is, they prevent the sleeper’s allergies from getting aggravated. This makes them a great mattress choice for people with sensitive eyes and sensitive skin. It is also popular among people with asthma and/or those who catch a cold easily. 

These mattresses are constructed by extracting coir from coconuts, shredding them well, and then packing the shredded coir into a layer. Coir is a natural, anti-allergen, non-toxic material. However, nowadays there are additives like cotton, wool, foam, etc. in coir mattresses. 

In a hybrid mattress, only a layer of tightly packed coir is used. It could form the surface layer, the middle layer, or the bottom one for support. If the top layer is coir, then the sleeper directly benefits from the mattress’ hypoallergenic quality. 

These mattresses are firm too, but their USP is their heat circulation. These mattresses provide great ventilation by not trapping the heat, but instead, circulating it along with the air. As a result, coir mattresses allow the sleeper to sleep cool the entire night.  

Coir mattresses also offer good bounce to the sleeper again because of it being natural. It supports the sleeper’s body especially well when he or she sleeps on their backs. Unlike memory foam mattresses, a coir mattress cannot adapt to the body shape of the sleeper. Therefore, they do not prevent the formation of pressure points in the sleeper’s neck, shoulders, hips, and other joints. They also cannot prevent postural defects, since they are not designed to keep the sleeper’s spine naturally aligned throughout the night. 

Compared to a latex mattress, coir mattresses are not very durable. They tend to sag along the edges, making it very difficult for the sleeper to get their good night’s sleep. Also, they are not as firm as latex mattresses, because of which side sleepers or mixed sleepers are discouraged from investing in these mattresses

Though body conformation and durability both aren’t features provided by coir mattresses, the good thing about them is that they require very little maintenance. Without any extra care, these mattresses remain fresh and clean for a long period of time.  

Latex mattress 

There are various types of latex mattresses. A natural latex mattress is its purest form. They are made from rubber trees. This makes natural latex mattresses hypoallergenic too. They keep all sorts of allergens at bay. So you need not worry about dust-mites, mould, bugs, etc. settling on the mattress or seeping into the deeper layers of the mattress.

Synthetic mattresses, however, are not as hypoallergenic as natural ones. Also, they offer lesser bounce. Therefore, while purchasing a latex mattress, go through the materials used to manufacture the bedding material to get a better idea of whether it is natural latex. 

Natural latex mattresses also have a fast recovery time. This can be easily tested by pressing your hand into the mattress. Almost as soon as you lift up your hand, the mattress resumes to its initial shape. 

The durability and support offered by latex mattresses make them a popular choice among sleepers. They accommodate all kinds of sleepers – back sleepers, stomach sleepers, side sleepers, and mixed sleepers. Regardless of the sleeping position you prefer, a latex mattress will offer you the same level of comfort. 

Again, a synthetic mattress may not offer the same durability as a natural one. Also, the ability of a natural latex mattress to regain its original shape quickly may not be replicated by a synthetic latex mattress. 

Latex foam mattress, a hybrid mattress with latex and memory foam layers is a very popular choice in the sleeping world. These take both the goodness of latex mattress and the body contouring ability of memory foam to create the ultimate sleeping experience. Also the motion isolation of latex foam mattress, due to the memory foam in it, allows the sleeper to move and shift through the night without disturbing their partner’s sleep. 

Latex mattresses do not sag as easily as coir mattresses. But their durability grows by several notches when they incorporate a layer of memory foam. These mattresses usually come with a 10-year warranty which should speak volumes of their quality and durability. 

Are you using a latex foam mattress? How has your experience been so far?