Coir or Memory Foam: Which Mattress to Go for in Summers?

Summers are a tricky time. It isn’t pleasant, particularly if you live near the equator! However, this is no reason to ruin your sleep. 

If you are considering which mattress to go for during summers, then you must have come upon coir and memory foam as the two top choices. But what makes them so great? And is there a way to find out if one type is better than the other? 

This post answers all your questions! 

Coir mattress 

Coir mattresses are made from coconut husk, therefore they are natural and hypoallergenic. This means they keep allergies at bay. If you have sensitive eyes and/or skin or have asthma, then you have nothing to worry about when using a coir mattress. 

Being natural, a coir mattress also offers great ventilation. They circulate the body heat of the sleeper instead of trapping it. This makes it a good summer mattress.  

Being natural, it is easy to maintain. However, it is not durable. The mattress begins to sag quite soon and makes the sleeping experience quite uncomfortable. 

The mattress is also not great for natural spinal alignment. You cannot, therefore, expect this mattress to offer relief to your back pain. Instead, it might cause aches, not only in the back, but also your neck, hips, shoulders, and joints. Also, it will not help with correcting a bad posture caused by a sedentary lifestyle. 

Memory foam mattress 

While memory foam mattresses have traditionally been unpopular for their inability to offer temperature neutrality, heat ventilation is no longer a problem. 

In the past, a memory foam mattress would absorb the body heat of the sleeper and then trap it, which would make the entire sleeping experience inconvenient for the sleeper. Sleeping cool on a memory foam mattress became a reality recently after brands started incorporating cooling technologies into their mattress design. 

While some have included cooling crystals, others have gone for gel memory foam. Some brands even have an open cell structure for their memory foam, which allows the mattress to absorb the body heat of the sleeper, and instead of trapping it like the traditional memory foam mattresses, circulate it so that no discomfort is caused to the sleeper. Some brands also go for heavy quilting in order to offer better ventilation. 

A dual comfort memory foam mattress comes with two kinds of firmness on each side. This has two major advantages. 

One, it allows you to pick a side, literally, according to your individual sleep requirements. This feature comes in handy if you are placing your mattress in the guest room. Your guests get to choose the mattress firmness according to their personal preference. 

Two, having a memory foam mattress that has two different firmness, has a climate advantage. While the side that offers greater firmness is more suitable for winters, the one that is softer is great for summers. 

A memory foam mattress today is, of course, a much better summer mattress compared to coir. This is because the cooling technology allows you to not only sleep cool but also enjoy the other features of the mattress which are far more superior compared to coir. 

Some of these features include firmness, support, body conformity, and motion isolation. A memory foam mattress adapts to the body shape of the sleeper. This ensures no pressure points in the sleeper’s neck, shoulders and hips. The sleeper can expect to wake up without any pain in the joints or the back. Coir, on the other hand, does not offer that conformity. 

Also, coir works for back sleepers alone. Memory foam mattresses, on the contrary, accommodate all sleeping positions and styles. Whether you are a back sleeper, a stomach sleeper, a side sleeper, or a mixed sleeper, a memory foam mattress will treat you equally well. 

If you already have a coir mattress and are not happy with it but do not want to invest in a brand new mattress, then consider going for a memory foam mattress topper. This topper will give you all the features of the mattress without you getting rid of the old mattress or spending a lot on a new one. 

Are you using a memory foam mattress? What features have you enjoyed the most?