Coir vs Memory Foam: Which is better for back pain 

In today’s post, we are looking at two popular mattresses: memory foam mattresses and coir mattresses, to see which is a better choice for people with back pain. Let us find out which is the best mattress for back pain.


Coir mattress 

A coir mattress is a favourite among people who prefer going natural. These mattresses are made of coconut husk, and therefore are naturally hypoallergenic, which means they keep dust, mites, moulds, and all other such troubles at bay.


The firmness offered by the mattress is also naturally good, and therefore initially, the mattress will give good support to your back. However, very soon, the mattress loses its ability to offer good firmness as it begins to sag, first along the edges and then completely. And the worst thing that you can do for your back, is to get yourself a sagging mattress.

Since these mattresses lose their form and firmness quickly, they are obviously not durable, which does not make them a good investment.


Let us now see how Memory foam mattresses perform in terms of support and comfort offered to people with back issues,

Memory foam 

Memory foam mattresses are designed keeping Orthopedic issues in mind. They distribute the body weight of the sleeper in a uniform way so that no pressure points are created in their neck, shoulders, and hips. As a result, when you wake up after a good night’s rest on a memory foam mattress, you do not experience any pain or ache or soreness in any of these parts. Instead, you wake up fresh and ready to take on the day’s responsibilities head-on.

coir vs memory foam mattress


What makes memory foam the best mattress for back pain, is its ability to keep your spine aligned naturally when you sleep. Other mattresses tend to bend the spine in an unnatural way during sleep as they cannot adapt to the body shape of the sleeper. Memory foam, on the contrary, conforms to your body shape. It does so, regardless of your sleeping position.


Whether you sleep on your back, your sides, your stomach, or keep changing position throughout the night (mixed sleeper), memory foam mattresses will take care of your spine. For people already suffering from back pain, memory foam will help alleviate your pain. For those who don’t have any back complications, memory foam will prevent postural defects from forming in the future.


A memory foam mattress today incorporates one or the other cooling technology to make sure the sleeper does not sleep hot and uncomfortable on it. Traditionally, these mattresses were criticised for making the sleeper uncomfortable by trapping their body heat. This is no more the case. Various memory foam mattress brands now include cooling technology into their design.


This could be including a cooling foam, or adding a layer of gel memory foam. The brand could also have cooling crystals in their mattress to ensure no heat is trapped. The most sought after technology, however, is a memory foam that has an open-cell structure. These absorb the body heat of the sleeper and circulate it throughout instead of trapping it. The sleeper gets an extraordinarily comfortable sleep on these.


These mattresses also offer motion isolation. This is good news particularly for people who share their beds with someone. What does motion isolation mean and how does it help me? Well, what this feature essentially means is that absorbs the motion of one sleeper, and completely isolates it instead of circulating it.

This prevents the other sleeper from being jostled out of sleep. You can, therefore, expect a zero disturbance sleep on your memory foam mattress even if you sleep with someone who tosses and turns through the night or slips in and out of bed to go to the loo several times!


Memory foam mattresses, particularly those which are medium-firm offer your back the relief it needs during sleep. These mattresses neither push you to the top of the surface of the bed nor do they suck you right in making you feel trapped and hot. They offer the perfect combination of support and comfort while being extremely durable.


When it comes to investing in a mattress for back pain, our bets are obviously on memory foam. We would love to know your opinion. Have you tried any of these mattresses? How has your experience been so far? Share with us in the comments below.