Debating between Latex or Innerspring Mattress? We’ve got the low down on both.

Are you trying to decide on whether to go for a latex mattress or an innerspring mattress? If yes, then you need to go through their features individually in order to be able to compare them and make the right decision for yourself. 

In this post, we will look at both of these mattresses individually, so that you can compare these and then get the right mattress for your bed.  

Let us start with latex mattresses.  

Latex mattress 

A latex mattress can be divided into two main types –  natural latex and synthetic latex mattress. 

A natural latex mattress is made from the sap of a rubber tree. This gives it its hypoallergenic feature. These mattresses keep mites, mould, dust, and other microbes at bay. As a result, these mattresses can be used by people who have allergies. Also, these offer great bounce and firmness to the sleeper’s body. If you press your hand on the mattress with great strength, then as soon as you raise your hand, the mattress resumes its initial shape.  

A synthetic latex mattress is not as firm as a natural one. Also, it does not offer the same bounciness or support as a natural latex mattress. Therefore, when purchasing a latex mattress, make sure you go through its origin. 

A latex mattress offers great temperature neutrality. It absorbs the heat produced by the sleeper’s body and circulates it instead of trapping the heat. Therefore, if you live in a warm climate, then it is best to go for a latex mattress as it provides superior ventilation. 


These mattresses are known to alleviate back pain. Especially, latex foam mattress (hybrid mattress) by contouring the body shape of the sleeper, which gives him or her the best night’s sleep. The goodness of memory foam combined with the firmness of latex makes it possible for this hybrid mattress. Expect to not feel any pain in the neck, shoulders, hips, or joints after sleeping on a latex foam mattress. Also, using it for a period of time will improve your posture since these mattresses do not bend the sleeper’s spine unnaturally. 


A natural latex mattress is extremely durable. It lasts for a long time without losing its initial comfort and/or firmness. 

Innerspring mattress 

An innerspring mattress is made of several spring coils around a layer of supportive foam. The coil gives the mattress the bounce while the foam offers comfort, support, and the right firmness.

Innerspring mattresses differ from one another depending on how many coils have been used in them. The number of coils affects the level of comfort offered by the mattress. Other factors to pay attention to when purchasing a spring mattress are the size of the spring coils and the density of the foam pad.

An innerspring mattress offers the sleeper’s body gentle support, one in which the sleeper does not feel pulled into the bed or pushed right on top of the surface of the bed.  A latex foam mattress, however, offers greater and better supporter due to the ability to adapt to the body shape of the sleeper as well as the feature of distributing the sleeper’s bodyweight uniformly so that no pressure points are created in the sleeper. 

An innerspring mattress is lighter and usually less expensive compared to a latex mattress. But considering latex mattress’ features like great support, comfort, hypoallergenic quality, zero motion transfer, durability, and conformity, it is not hard to understand why it is slightly more expensive than innerspring. 

Another disadvantage of an innerspring mattress is its short lifespan. The top layer of these mattresses are prone to wear and tear. They may start sagging toward the edge, not giving the body the support it needs during sleep. Also, the springs start making a squeaky annoying noise soon which is not conducive to sleep. If your bed screeches each time you move, then is it really possible to sleep comfortably? 

Purchasing the right mattress for yourself is key to getting the much needed eight-hour sleep every night. 

After going through this guide on latex vs innerspring mattress, we hope that it has become easier for you to make a good choice for yourself. 

Which type of mattress have you been using? How has your experience been so far?