Mattress dimension guide

Deciding your mattress dimension? We’ll help you figure out how much space you need.

Determining mattress dimensions can be quite an ordeal if you have never done it before and/or have no clue how to go about it. 

That is where we step in. We will tell you everything that you need to keep in mind when measuring your bed to get a new mattress or measuring your mattress to get a new mattress topper pad. 

Before we talk about the various mattress dimensions available in the market, we will make you go through a simple guide we have designed to measure your bed. Once you have learnt how to measure mattress sizes, you will find no difficulty choosing from the plethora of standard mattress sizes like King & Queen size mattress, double bed mattress, single bed mattress, etc. 

In the first part of this blog post, we will discuss the steps that help you with the correct way of measuring your bed so that you make no mistakes when selecting the right mattress for yourself. 

Steps to measure your bed correctly 

Firstly, when measuring the bed, don’t do it with all the beddings. This is a common mistake people make while measuring their bed, a mistake that will give you incorrect measurements. 

So, strip your bed of all the beddings and get rid of the accessories. 

Now, to measure your bed, you will need a retractable measuring tape, preferably one that locks into place so that you can conveniently measure the bed. If you don’t have a measuring tape that locks into place, then ask someone to hold the tape for you while you take the measurements. 

Always keep a pen and a notebook handy. You don’t want to go looking for it once you have already started with measuring the bed. You can even note down the measurements on your phone. In fact, that is a more convenient way of going about it.

Now let us measure the bed, shall we? 

Start by placing one end of your measuring tape at the left corner of your bed. If the tape locks in place, lock it. Or ask your friend to hold the tape at the left corner. Now pull the tape until you reach the right edge. This will give you the width of your bed. Note down your measurement. 

Now we will measure the length of the bed. For this, you need to start by placing the measuring tape at the middle top of your bed. Again lock it here and extend the tape until you reach the mid-bottom of the bed. Note down the length of your bed.  

You have the length as well as the width measurements of your bed now. This will also come in handy when choosing from the various bed sizes available in the market. 

Standard mattress sizes and dimensions 

Do you know what standard bed sizes are available? Are you aware of what a King size mattress measures? 

If your answers to both or either of the questions are no, then the next section is for you. 

In this section, we will discuss the standard bed dimensions to help you figure out which mattress works best for you. 

  • Twin size bed dimensions

To understand whether you need a twin size mattress or not, you need to first know what it is. 

These mattresses are usually 39 inches in width. A narrow twin size, on the contrary, clocks in at 36 inches while the length of this mattress is 75 inches. 

A twin size mattress works best for kids, or for people with small bedrooms or spaces say college dorm etc. 

  • Full-size bed dimensions 

More popularly known as a double bed, a full-size bed is 72 inches in length (same as a twin size bed). The width, however of the full-size bed is 48 inches. This obviously makes it a good mattress choice for two people. 

Though it is a good choice for two people, remember that it provides only 27 inches of personal space for each sleeper, which can be a little inconvenient, if you like more space than this. 

For a single sleeper, the full-size bed dimensions work the best. 

  • Queen size bed dimensions 

This is one of the most popular bed dimensions. The Queen size bed is 60 inches in width and 72 inches in length. If you want something longer, then go for a California queen size bed that clocks in at 84 inches. 

For a single sleeper, this is living life Queen size! Especially for orthopaedic beds, a queen size mattress is ideal in order to reap the benefits of the ortho bed. 

  • King size bed dimensions 

The King size bed is 72 inches in width and 78 inches in length. It is perfect for two adult sleepers. 

Did this article help you with questions you had regarding mattress sizes and dimensions? Let us know in the comments. Also, if you have any further queries relating to mattresses and beds, then please feel free to comment. Our experts will get in touch with you.