Everybody needs a mattress protector

Everybody needs a mattress protector. Here’s why

Your memory foam mattress is a big investment that you have made, one that should serve you for a long time. How do you ensure that the mattress retains its freshness, its hygiene, and all of its other features? By getting your mattress a good mattress protector!

Why you need a mattress protector? 

Let us look at the top reasons why one should not neglect to get a mattress protector.

First, getting a good mattress protector, one that is waterproof, will lengthen the life of your mattress. It will protect your memory foam mattress from spills and leaks which otherwise turn into stains. The marks these spills leave can ruin the look of the mattress forever.

Spills will also cause the mattress to become wet, which is absolutely not desirable. To avoid this, all you need to do is get yourself a mattress protector.

Second, a mattress protector can be removed and washed at any time. How does this help? It allows your mattress to remain fresh and hygienic at all times. Try getting a mattress protector with a zipper. This way, you can easily take it off and throw it into a bucket or the machine. Keeping the mattress clean is a way of ensuring it lives longer.

Third, a mattress protector improves the hypoallergenic quality of the mattress. As a result, people with sensitive skin or those who catch a cold or have watering eyes can sleep peacefully. The mattress protector will help keep dust mites, moulds, allergens, bed bugs, and microbes away. These won’t settle into the mattress, and therefore, you can sleep without worry.

Third, a mattress protector can even enhance the mattress’ comfort. How is that possible? By taking care of the mattress and keeping you from worrying about spills and stains, the protector allows you to completely enjoy your memory foam mattress.

Due to this layer of protection, you get to concentrate on the mattress’ support and firmness instead of its durability which is taken care of by the mattress protector.

A memory foam mattress protector 

While there are a number of choices in the market when it comes to mattress protectors, memory foam mattress protector tops the list. This is because all the qualities offered by the other mattress protectors individually can be found in a memory foam mattress protector.

  • Temperature neutrality 

The feature of allowing you to sleep cool that latex mattress protector and wool mattress protector boast of, is provided by a memory foam mattress protector. With cool technologies such as cooling crystals, gel memory foam, etc. a memory foam mattress allows the temperature to be regulated during sleep, so that no heat is trapped and the sleeper can, therefore, sleep comfortably.

  • Firm and durable 

A memory foam mattress protector offers the perfect firmness to the sleeper’s body. You need not worry about sagging into the mattress along with the protector during sleep, which can be extremely uncomfortable.

  • Motion transfer 

A memory foam mattress protector allows motion transfer. So if you share your bed with someone else, you need not worry about getting disturbed during sleep due to your partner’s movement. When your partner tosses or turns, the protector due to the memory foam, absorbs the motion and isolates it, thus letting you carry on with your sleep. Therefore, you need not worry about being jostled out of sleep every now and then.

  • Body contouring 

A memory foam mattress protector will adapt to the body shape of the sleeper, thus ensuring that no pressure points are created. As a result, the neck, shoulders and hips of the sleeper are not affected during sleep.

Also, the protector extends the memory foam mattress’ ability to ensure that the spine remains naturally aligned during sleep. Your spine should not be bent or pressured in any way during sleep as that not only causes pain but also affects posture. By using a memory foam mattress protector on a memory foam mattress, you protect both the mattress as well as your own spine.

By purchasing a memory foam mattress protector, you ensure you get a good night’s sleep.