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How can Memory Foam Mattress Help to Deal with Pressure Points?

Have you ever heard of ‘pressure points’ when trying to select an ideal mattress that would ensure you a comfortable night’s sleep? In simple words, pressure points are any area on your body surface that may be sensitive to pressure. These places on your body tend to press down into the mattress while sleeping, thereby causing pain and discomfort when you get up. 

Hence, pressure points are a genuine and severe problem that should form an integral part of your mattress purchasing spree.

What are the pressure points?

Pressure points, in mattress terminology, are any area of the body that feels uneasy and uncomfortable when lying down. These body parts tend to stick out and take more pressure as compared to the rest of your body. These mainly include the knees, neck, and buttocks. Pressure points occur due to our bodies being bumpy because when we lie down on a mattress that is too hard or too soft, it becomes almost impossible for us to distribute our body weight evenly across the entire surface. Hence, there are specially designed pressure point relief mattresses that provide complete relief and comfort while resting and even prevent spine misalignment. 

How can a suitable mattress help?

Keeping in mind the areas of our body that may develop pressure points, good quality mattresses are designed to possess the appropriate quantity of upthrust required to push and provide just the correct amount of support to every part of the body. There are foam mattress pressure points, with just the appropriate level of comfort and support, that help to reduce pressure points when you rest. This results in lesser aches on waking up, less tossing and turning while in bed and overall better quality of sleep.

How does a memory foam mattress help in reducing pressure points?

Memory foam mattresses are primarily made of polyurethane and additional chemical substances that add to their density and viscosity. They have a list of advantages that make them conducive for reducing pressure points and adding to the comfort level of the person resting on them.

  • Memory foam mattresses are highly energy absorbent and soft.
  • They can be moulded to the body in response to heat and pressure, thereby assisting in distributing the bodyweight evenly when resting.
  • They render better comfort with their shock absorption qualities, and therefore they are the first choice for aeroplane seats, football helmets and soles of shoes.
  • Memory foam mattresses spring back to their original shape, slowly and gradually.
  • These mattresses help prevent bedsores and are therefore used in making hospital bed pads.
  • Memory foam mattresses even rely on a person’s body heat for its moulding, shaping and conforming effects.
  • A high-density memory foam mattress can provide tremendous relief from pressure point relieving properties.
  • Memory foam mattresses make the best choice for pressure point relief and as a prevention for spinal misalignment, as they contain an airflow system, specially designed to allow a constant airflow that keeps you cool, ventilated and free of pains when sleeping.

Memory foam vs Latex mattress- a close comparison for relieving pressure points


When comparing a memory foam mattress vs a latex mattress, the primary difference is where memory foam mattress adapts to the body shape by relying on the body heat, the latex mattress instantly conforms to your body shape, without relying on your body heat for the same. This makes the latex mattress a ‘cool’ option to sleep. Also, both memory foam and latex mattresses can provide relief from tender pressure points, owing to this feature. 

However, some people prefer the quick spring back that a latex mattress provides, as against the gradual spring back of a memory foam mattress. In that case, the choice depends on the personal preference of the user. 


Closing thoughts


When dealing with the problem of sensitive pressure points, it is important to understand the trigger points that initiate pain and then find solutions that would relieve the discomfort of these tender points. Sleeping on the wrong mattress is one of the major factors that can result in getting up with aches and pains in the body due to a disturbed night’s sleep. 


Sleeping on the right kind of mattress, like a memory foam mattress, can help distribute the body weight evenly while lying and can, therefore, ensure you get up fresh, fit and fine. 

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