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Is coir mattress good for health

When choosing mattress coir vs foam is a frequent comparison that customers seek. Memory foam vs Coir can be done on the basis of a number of factors from firmness and support to temperature neutrality and hygiene. In this post, we will do a brief coir mattress vs foam mattress comparison, but we will focus more on whether coir mattress is good for health or not. 

What is coir mattress

A natural coir mattress is made from coconut husk. As such it is a natural bedding material, and therefore, very good for your skin. Coir usually forms the middle layer of the mattress for support. In some cases, it is used in the upper layer too to offer responsive softness.

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What makes coir mattress a good choice for people with skin allergies? 

People with skin conditions or those who tend to get allergies easily can benefit from investing in a coir mattress. The mattress is natural and non-toxic. However, most coir mattresses today have additives, like cotton, foam, or wool included to overcome the disadvantages of coir. When purchasing a coir mattress, it is important that you do your research properly. 


What are the disadvantages of coir? 

Coir mattresses are mainly loved for not being artificial. They are hypoallergenic and give a natural firmness to the sleeper’s body. They can alleviate back pain too because of the support they provide to the sleeper’s spine. 

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However, the goodness of this mattress is short-lived. When you use it for a while, the mattress starts sagging, first along the edges and then completely. This can wreak havoc on the health of your back. It will cause your spine to be bent unnaturally, which will not only aggravate your back pain but will also result in postural defects.  

The mattress tends to create pressure points in the hips, shoulders, and neck of the sleeper. Since it starts sagging, the mattress does not support the body well enough to distribute the body weight of the sleeper uniformly to give more support to heavier parts and adequate support to lighter parts. 


What makes memory foam a superior choice compared to coir? 

The first quality that differentiates memory foam from coir is its ability to conform to the body shape of the sleeper. Memory foam adapts to the sleeper’s body in such a way that no pressure points are created. Expect no pain in your neck, shoulders, hips, and joints when you use a memory foam mattress to sleep. The mattress not only offers superior firmness and support, but it is also durable, which gives it several brownie points over coir. 

Coir is most loved because of its hypoallergenic quality, but memory foam performs equally well when it comes to being breathable, hygienic, and fresh. Memory foam mattresses keep dust from settling on its surface. These also do not allow dust mites from setting camp in its layers. 

A memory foam mattress has another advantage over coir mattresses, the former can accommodate all types of sleeping positions. No matter in what position you like to sleep, the mattress will adapt to your shape and give you the orthopaedic goodness it is so loved for.

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Coir mattress’s temperature neutrality is often admired. Memory foam, traditionally, had the drawback of not being able to provide breathability or heat ventilation. Memory foam mattress brands today incorporate one or the other cooling technology to ensure the sleeper does not feel trapped during sleep. The mattresses today absorb the body heat and circulate it throughout. This ventilation allows the sleeper to sleep comfortably.


A memory foam mattress’ motion isolation is also crucial. The mattress absorbs the motion of one sleeper and completely separates it so that the other sleeper is not disturbed in his or her sleep. The mattress is best for couples or people who share a mattress. In coir, zero disturbance sleep is not a possibility. The mattress is not capable of absorbing the motion or isolating it, therefore a movement by one sleeper will cause the other to be jostled out of sleep


What is an anti-sagging coir mattress? 

Coir mattresses to overcome the problem of sagging, have started including anti-sagging features into their design. 

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