Latex mattress vs pocket spring 

Latex mattress vs pocket spring 

Are you planning to buy a mattress? Are you struggling to decide whether to go for latex or pocket spring? Are searching for foam latex vs spring mattress online? If your answers to these inquiries are yes, then you have found your way to the right article. 

Latex mattress benefits 

The benefits of latex mattresses include: 

  • Provides comfort 

A latex mattress is designed to give you the ultimate comfort. The mattress provides buoyant support which makes it unique compared to other mattress types. When using a latex mattress for the first time, you will notice that when you lie down on it, it will adapt to your shape but it will not make your body sink. Instead, it will give you a bounce which makes it very easy for you to get in and out of bed. This is known as quick response time. Response time of any bedding material can be tested by pressing your hand on the surface. When you remove your hand, the time the surface takes to regain its shape is called response time. Latex mattresses have a quick response time. 

  • Offers relief from pain

If you have back pain or ache in the joints, then after a memory foam mattress, the next best choice of bedding material is latex. The orthopaedic quality of latex mattresses gives them a huge advantage over spring. Latex can offer body contouring almost as good as memory foam. It prevents the creation of pressure points in the neck, shoulders, and hips. Thus after sleeping on a latex mattress, you are unlikely to complain of back pain or pain in your joints. By preventing such aches, latex ensures good sleep to the sleeper. 

  • Gives natural spinal alignment 

Almost like a memory foam mattress, latex offers natural spinal alignment to the sleeper. The mattress will give greater support to the heavy parts of the sleeper’s body while ensuring adequate support is given to the lighter parts. By doing so, the mattress will ensure the sleeper’s spine maintains its natural alignment and is not bent in an unnatural way. This, over a period of time, helps improve the posture of the sleeper. 

  • Is hypoallergenic 

Latex, especially natural latex, is extremely hypoallergenic. It will not allow dust to settle on its surface or dust mites to seep into the layers and set camp in there. It has a natural resistance to moulds too. This property is very important for people who tend to catch a cold quickly or are prone to skin allergies. 

Pocket spring mattress benefits 

The benefits of pocket spring mattress include: 

  1. Offers motion isolation 


Though not as good as the likes of memory foam or latex mattresses, a pocket spring mattress does offer better motion isolation compared to an innerspring mattress. The mattress, to some extent, will absorb and separate the motion of one sleeper to ensure the other sleeper’s provided zero disturbance sleep. 

  • Accommodates various sleeping positions

A pocket spring mattress will accommodate all kinds of sleeping positions. Whether you sleep on your back, your sides, your stomach, or are a mixed sleeper, you have nothing to worry about. A pocket spring mattress will offer you its firmness and comfort irrespective of how you choose to sleep on it. 

  • It is durable 

A pocket spring mattress is way more durable than an innerspring mattress. This is why it is more expensive compared to innerspring. However, when we are comparing durability, it must be mentioned that pocket spring is not as long-lasting as memory foam or a latex mattress. Its durability depends on the quality of the metal coils used. 

Latex mattress vs pocket spring mattress

The differences between a latex mattress and a pocket spring mattress are as follows: 

  1. A latex mattress offers better bounce compared to pocket spring. 
  2. Latex mattress prevents dust from settling on the surface or seeping into the layers of the bed. Pocket spring turns into a cosy hub for dust. 
  3. Latex mattresses are long-lasting. Pocket spring mattresses are not as durable. 
  4. Pocket spring mattresses cannot offer half as much motion separation as a latex mattress. 
  5. Pocket spring mattresses cannot offer zero disturbance sleep like a latex mattress. 


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