latex vs memory foam

Latex vs memory foam: which is more hypoallergenic 

Welcome once again to the space that discusses and compares the features of various mattresses, foam vs coir vs spring vs latex to help you make a good choice. In today’s post, we pick one essential feature and compare memory foam and latex to see which makes for a better mattress.


When buying an online mattress, you might come across the term hypoallergenic mattress. In case you are wondering what a hypoallergenic mattress is, then worry not, we will tell you everything about a hypoallergenic mattress and also help you compare two very popular mattresses in terms of their hypoallergenic quality.


What is a hypoallergenic mattress? 

A hypoallergenic mattress keeps allergens away. It prioritises hygiene by ensuring dust, mites, moulds, and other microbes, don’t pitch their tent in the mattress. These mattresses prevent dust from settling on its surface as well as from seeping into it. As a result, the hygiene and freshness of the entire bedding are maintained, which is an important factor for good sleep, and therefore, good health.


Hypoallergenic mattresses are a necessary investment for people with health conditions, such as sensitive skin and sensitive eyes. Also if you are asthmatic or tend to catch a cold quickly due to dust allergies, then this mattress is a must buy. Though people with these conditions absolutely need a hypoallergenic mattress, it is a good investment for everyone.

Considering the pollution in the air, it is important today that we keep our sleep haven absolutely pollution-free. Buying an air purifier is a good idea, but if your bed is a host for dust then the purifier will not benefit you much. A hypoallergenic mattress saves you from allergens that rest on other mattresses and hurt your health.


Latex mattress

Latex mattresses are naturally hypoallergenic, especially natural latex. These also offer natural firmness which takes good care of your joints and gives you a good eight hours of sleep.


However, to get the level of hypoallergenic feature you desire, you will have to ensure it is natural latex and not synthetic latex. A natural latex mattress keeps all sorts of allergens at bay.

You can expect your skin to improve by sleeping on a natural latex mattress since by giving you good rest it allows your skin to repair its cells that need to be taken care of. However, this is true for a natural latex mattress, so be extra cautious about the constituents of the mattress when purchasing it to see how much percentage is natural.


Also, natural latex mattress has quicker response time compared to synthetic ones. Response time can be easily deduced by pressing your hand against the surface of the mattress and then quickly withdrawing your hand. The time it takes for the mattress to regain its original shape is called response time. A mattress with slow response time is not bouncy and makes your movements difficult.


Memory foam mattress 

Memory foam mattresses are hypoallergenic. These will keep all sorts of allergens away from your bed. They will not worsen your asthma or your cold. They will not aggravate skin conditions, such as rashes and acne.


To up the hypoallergenic quality of a memory foam mattress, you can always invest in a memory foam mattress protector. These are waterproof, which ensures no liquid seeps into the mattress. It can be easily removed and taken for a spin in the machine. As a result, the freshness of the mattress is further enhanced. It also helps improve the durability of the mattress beyond what is already warranted.


Apart from being extremely hypoallergenic, a memory foam mattress also offers other features that make it a brilliant sleep investment. It supports your shoulders, hips, and neck. It doesn’t create pressure points in these areas.

It helps maintain the natural alignment of the spine, so your back pain is alleviated and you do not have any postural defects in the future. The mattress also offers motion separation, which helps make sure zero disturbance is experienced by sleepers who share a bed.

Do you own a memory foam mattress? How has your experience been so far?