Mattress for kid

Make Sure Your Kids Sleep Well With The Best Mattress

Your child’s health depends on a lot on the amount of sleep he or she gets or the sleep cycle. Their sleep, in turn, depends on the kind of mattress that they sleep on. Using the right mattress would help the kid’s development. 

Choosing the right mattress for your child is not easy. Factors which affect your choice would be the sleeping habit of your child and the different features that mattresses offer. We look at the factors you need to consider before buying a mattress for your child. These are:

Mattress Density or Firmness:

When it comes to your kid’s mattress, the higher the density, the better the mattress. You can find out whether the mattress is firm or not by pressing against the sides with your hands. If it sinks in, then the density is poor and will not be durable. 

Foam versus innerspring:

If you are looking for something that will last long, then innerspring would be a better choice compared to foam. Steel is used for coils which makes them more durable. When coils are used, the mattress can bear pressure over a longer period. You need to remember that you need to choose an innerspring mattress with not less than 150 coils. The higher the coils in the mattress, the longer the mattress will last you. 

Water Protected

Mattresses for kids should be waterproof. Kids, especially children, tend to mess the bed, and this problem takes quite a while to completely go away. If the mattress is not waterproof, a waterproof covering should be used.

Easy to Wash

Your kid could develop allergies due to dust mites which can be found in mattresses. The mattress should be washable to prevent this. 


Eco-friendly material

Conventional mattresses use flame retardants, VOCs and heavy metals which are harmful to your kids. Make sure that the mattress you buy is eco-friendly for the safety of your child. 

Risk of off-gassing

You must have experienced an odd smell on unpacking a new mattress. This is due to off-gassing. Open the windows of the room in which the new mattress is kept and use it after the smell has gone away due to proper ventilation. The mattress can then be used.

Firm Mattress

When it comes to the firmness of mattresses for kids, a medium-range of firmness is available. The degree of firmness will differ according to the age of the kid. If you feel that the mattress still does not feel firm, a mattress topper will help solve your problem. 

Soft Mattress:

The softness or hardness of a mattress is indicated by ILD or Indentation Load Deflection. The soft beds have an ILD of greater than 25 pounds. Firm Beds have an ILD are over 31 pounds, and medium-range beds are between 25 and 31 pounds. 

Mattress Topper

The weight of kids keeps changing with age. So the mattress won’t be as firm as required for the higher weight of the kid. You don’t need to buy a new mattress for this, simply get a mattress topper. You could try a gel memory foam topper which has memory foam infused with gel. 

Safety of your kid

Your kid’s safety should be a major consideration as mattresses don’t have any protective side support. In this case, avoid mattresses with a high bounce as it increases the risk of your child falling off. The lower the bounce, the better.

Sleeping Posture

While a mattress needs to be firm for better posture, soft padding is believed to help to retain the normal curvature of the spine. Young children, however, should have no problem with a regular bed. A thin foam memory mattress is fine. 

Keep the future in mind

When buying a mattress, think of the long-term picture. Ensure that the mattress can be used from the point your child is a toddler to adolescence. Durability is important.

Now that you know what the important factors to be considered when choosing the best mattress for kids are let us find out what are the different options when it comes to buying a mattress. 

Correct Size

Your toddler would need a crib mattress. As your child grows up and reaches the age of 2 or 3, a big bed would be required. In such cases, a full-sized bed or a twin XL mattress. Twin mattress’ will save space and are ideal for 2 or 3 children. A Twin XL would suit your ever-growing teenager!


What Are The Best Mattress for Kids

You might be the parent of a toddler or a kid who finds his or her present mattress uncomfortable. Here are some mattress categories you can consider for your child:

Memory foam mattress:

The thickness of the memory foam mattress varies between 5 to 8 inches. It is 100% foam. Your child will have a firm yet comfortable mattress. You can use both sides of the mattress. It is a medium-firm when it comes to the firmness of the mattress. It is high-resilience foam. Washing is easy with the removable external cover. There is no innerspring, so portability is not a problem. It also provides spinal alignment and support. 


This type of mattress is firmer compared to a memory foam mattress with greater structure. If you have an energetic kid, this mattress will be ideal, given its durability and strength. The coil gauge is important, the lower the gauge, the firmer will be the mattress. The body heat of the child will not be trapped. 

Hybrid mattress

A hybrid mattress is a combination of innerspring and foam. Your child will have the durability that innerspring provides along with the comfort of foam. 

Latex Mattress:

You can use a latex mattress in place of memory foam as you get better durability and support. The mattress should be environment-friendly.

In conclusion

The right mattress will ensure your child’s proper bone strength and posture. Ensure you choose a high-quality mattress that will last you for at least 10 years. Happy shopping!