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Mattress constructions: how mattresses in the market compare in terms of constructions

Were you not able to sleep peacefully last night? Or did you wake up with back pain in the morning? The reason for both these problems can be your mattress. If mattresses are more than five years old, they start sagging from the middle, which can then give you sleepless and uncomfortable nights. You should then think about changing your mattress. But the major question is, which would be the right mattress for you? You can get the same product that you got the last time, but the different varieties available in the market nowadays can tempt you and leave you confused. Before you make your decision know the different kinds of mattresses available in the market and how they differ in construction. Mentioned below is the list of the most common types of mattresses that are affordable and convenient. 

Foam mattresses 

The foam mattress is nowadays very popular in the market due to its feature of body shape adaptability. It gradually conforms to the shape of the body as you sleep and also provides adequate shoulder and hip support while sleeping on the side. Foam mattresses are also of three types:

Latex foam 

Latex foam mattresses can be made using three types of latex, natural latex, blended latex, and 100% synthetic latex. They are known to have a durability of 20-30 years. 

Memory foam

They are famous because of their viscoelastic feature, which greatly conforms to the shape of the body. Many orthopaedic patients prefer this because memory foam mattresses can help relieve painful joints. Memory foam is also affected by the temperature of the room. Currently, natural memory foam mattresses in India are very popular. 

High-density foam

High-density foam mattresses are very much similar to a memory foam mattress. They use more compacted foam, made from polyurethane. They provide higher comfort and are also more durable.

Innerspring mattresses 

Innerspring mattresses also are known as coir mattresses. They use the internal support of metal springs. The numbers of metal springs used under the mattress determine the level of comfort it will provide. The shape and size of the springs also vary. Innerspring mattresses are highly recommended for people who are in the habit of sleeping on their side and tummy. There are four types of spring coils:

Bonnell coils 

Bonnell springs have a rounded top and an hourglass-shaped metal wire coil. They are the oldest and common form of innerspring coil and also very affordable.

Offset coils 

Offset coils also have an hourglass shape, but the top and the bottom are flat. While assembling an offset coil mattress, all the springs are joined together with helical. This joining is done in a way to provide comfort to the back while sleeping.

Continuous coils 

In this type of innerspring mattress, all the coils are rowed together and joined to form a single line. They are also joined in a way to provide maximum comfort to the body while sleeping. 

Marshall coils 

These are also known pocket springs. They are barrel-shaped and compressed which makes the mattress thin but firm. The springs are not wired together but just placed next to each other for all of them to work independently. All the springs are equally strong and can carry an equal amount of weight.

 Waterbed mattress 

Waterbed mattresses do not have any spring or coil inside it. They are lined with different layers of fibre and then filled with water. The outer part of the mattress is usually covered with latex to avoid leakages and bagginess. They provide great support to the back and keep the spine in a neutral position. Further, there are three types of waterbed mattresses, free flow mattress, semi-waveless mattress, and waveless mattress.

 Air mattress 

Also known as an airbed or blow-up bed, they can be inflated and stored in a folded form. They are light in weight and made of PVC, urethane plastic or rubber. They are majorly used for camping and when people are living in temporary houses. They are also used for bedridden people to protect them for bed sores or pressure sores. Air mattresses are also recommended for people with back pain. It might take some time to adjust to the firmness of it, but they are beneficial in the long run.

 Pillow top

Pillow tops are like any other bed, but they have an extra layer of upholstery on the top. The upholstery is very soft and quickly adapts to the shape of the body. When you lie down on a pillow top, you can experience a sinking feeling. Pillow tops provide excellent support to the back and also to the shoulders and hips when sleeping on the side. 


In Conclusion

Do not think twice before investing in an expensive but comfortable mattress. It is very important to have a good night’s sleep every day to be able to function well the next day. Hence, do thorough research and survey before buying a mattress.