Memory foam mattress toppers pros and cons

Memory foam mattress toppers: pros and cons

Are you planning to buy a mattress topper online? What are the qualities that you are looking for in your mattress topper? When investing in a mattress topper, there are several things that you have to pay attention to, and so today we will be discussing the pros and cons of one of the most popular mattress toppers in the market, that is, memory foam mattress toppers. 

Memory foam benefits 

Most sleepers tend to go for a memory foam mattress topper when their old mattress starts losing its firmness and support. Let us look at the advantages of this mattress topper type: 

  • Comfort 

A memory foam mattress topper like a memory foam mattress will adapt to your body shape when you sleep on it. It will contour your body, thus giving you the most comfortable sleep that you can dream of. Also, these mattress toppers usually come with an outer cover made of a breathable fabric. As a result, it feels really good against the skin. 

  • Support 

By distributing your bodyweight uniformly, a memory foam mattress topper will ensure no pressure is created in your joints. It will give optimal support to your neck, shoulders, and hips. It will also make sure no feelings of restlessness is created in you during sleep

  • Spinal alignment 

By offering phenomenal body contouring features and uniformly distributing your body weight, a memory foam mattress topper will prevent your spine from being bent in an unnatural way during sleep. This is very important as it helps make certain that no back pain is caused in the sleeper. If you are someone who is already suffering from back pain, then a memory foam mattress topper will prevent further damage to the back. Sleeping on a memory foam mattress topper means ensuring no postural defects are caused. 

  • Hypoallergenic 

A memory foam mattress topper is hypoallergenic, which means it saves you from allergies. It will prevent dust, mould, mites, etc. from settling on its surface. It also prevents the mites from seeping into it and spreading through its layers. This is a very important factor especially for people with sensitive skin. The mattress topper will not cause rashes or acne or absorb the moisture from your skin making it drier. People who have asthma or suffer from breathing conditions, a memory foam mattress topper is a good investment for them as well. By keeping dust at bay, the topper will ensure your condition is not worsened. Nasal allergies are also prevented by memory foam mattress toppers. 

  • Motion separation 

If you are sharing your bed with someone, then you need a mattress topper that will give you both a zero disturbance sleep. A memory foam mattress topper provides exceptional motion isolation. When one of the sleepers tosses or turns in their sleep or gets out of bed, the other will not be jostled out of sleep. This is because the mattress topper absorbs the motion and stops it from circulating through the bed. By isolating the motion, the topper ensures the other partner continues with their sleep without any disturbance. 


Memory foam disadvantages

Now that we have discussed the benefits of a memory foam mattress topper, let us look at the disadvantages of memory foam mattress topper. 

  • Temperature neutrality 

Memory foam mattress toppers tend to get hot during the night, which can make your sleeping experience not so pleasant during sleep. If the heat gets trapped, then the sleeper might feel like they are stuck and that might cause disturbed sleep. 

Solution: Today, the leading memory foam mattress brands incorporate one or the other cooling technologies into their designs to ensure no sleeper sleeps uncomfortably on these. The mattresses and mattress toppers either have cooling gel, cooling crystals, or memory foam layers with an open cell structure that absorb the body heat of the sleeper and completely circulate it, so that the sleeper does not feel trapped during their sleep. 

  • Memory foam mattress topper price 

Memory foam mattress toppers are usually expensive compared to other mattress toppers. This is mainly because of the various benefits that the toppers provide which is missing in other mattress topper types. 

Solution: There are several leading brands that have reasonably priced memory foam mattress toppers which will give you all the superior advantages, and will not burn a hole in your pocket.