Memory foam or Dual comfort

Memory Foam or Dual Comfort? What is the best mattress for Indian weather conditions?

Your quality of life is determined by the quality of sleep you get, which in turn is determined by the type of mattress you have been sleeping on. Today, we are reviewing two options provided by Wakefit – asleep solutions company. They provide two choices – The Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress and The Dual Comfort MattressBoth are excellent in the firmness they provide, the level of comfort, motion isolation, the safety they give from allergens, etc. But which one do the experts recommend for the Indian weather conditions? Let us find out!  

In this guide, we will be looking at memory foam and dual comfort mattresses and their benefits, the most important being their ability to prevent heat from getting trapped in the mattress which is often known to cause discomfort among sleepers. 

Memory Foam Mattress 

The first two factors that come to mind when looking for a mattress are comfort and support, right? The Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress does exceedingly well in both regards. The mattress conforms to your body shape to give you the support you need without bending your spine unnaturally. Over a period of time, sleeping on memory foam can help you improve your posture. It distributes your bodyweight uniformly, thus making sure that the pressure points, meaning the joints, the neck, and the shoulders, feel no pain. 

The next factor to look at its durability. When compared to other mattresses, memory foam lasts the longest without sagging or losing its other properties related to firmness and comfort. Memory foam also does not discriminate sleepers based on their sleeping positions. Whether one is a back sleeper, side sleeper, or prefers sleeping on their stomachs, this mattress will give you the comfort you have paid for! 


Motion isolation is the next thing you need to be sure about when mattress shopping, especially if you have a sleeping partner. Memory foam accommodates movements seamlessly. So even if your partner is fidgety, you have nothing to worry about because you have a memory foam mattress which absorbs motion, and then isolates the movement instead of transferring itMemory foam mattresses excel in all these factors, but how good are they during Indian summers? 

Previously, it was considered that memory foam mattress is not suitable to handle warm weather conditions since it tends to absorb heat and trap it in the material. This, however, is not the case anymore. 

Today, memory foam mattresses incorporate various cooling technologies to ensure temperature neutrality. The best mattress brands in India that provide memory foam mattresses integrate these technologies in their design to combat the problem of heat. 

Wakefit, for example, has an open-cell CoolFit foam, which has an open-cell structure, allowing air to pass through at all times thus preventing heat from getting trapped. This increases airflow by 95% when compared to traditional memory foam. Wink n Nod’s cool gel memory foam is another unique solution to this problem. SleepyCat, on the contrary, has created its memory foam mattress with cooling crystals to ensure the mattress temperature remains neutral through the year.

A memory foam mattress of good quality will prevent both temperatures as well as moisture from getting trapped by about three times when compared to traditional foam sleeping solutions. The foams of today also come encased with breathable fabric that increases the mattresses ability to keep the temperature neutral. 

Dual Comfort Mattress 

Dual comfort mattresses offer hard and soft sleeping surfaces at the same time, and both can be used depending on your firmness requirements. While one side of the mattress offers medium softness, the other gives your body medium hardness. This dual quality in terms of comfort and firmness is why these mattresses are called dual comfort mattresses. 

These sleeping solutions give the sleeper/s greater flexibility compared to other mattresses. No wonder, many customers are going for these of late. Also known as twin mattresses or a double bed mattress, these provide the customer with a lot of advantages other than firmness and comfort factors. Since they offer a balance between hardness and softness, the dual comfort mattress will give you the quality sleep of your dreams. 

Also, these mattresses last really long since they enable you to use both surfaces. Therefore, these sleeping solutions need very little maintenance compared to other varieties of mattresses. The biggest benefit of a dual comfort mattress, however, is how it is always comfy regardless of the season. From summer to winter, these mattresses provide good airflow through the material, thus controlling the temperature. If you are planning to get rid of your old mattress and invest in a new one, both memory foam mattress and dual comfort mattress are good choices for you despite the weather conditions in your city. 

We suggest you go through the factors mentioned under both the categories and then decide for yourself which one seems like a better option to you. Remember, in terms of durability, firmness, comfort, temperature neutrality, and motion isolation, both the mattress types have done exceedingly well. Therefore, you cannot go wrong with this!