Pocketed coil vs pocketed spring

Pocketed coil vs pocketed spring

If you’re confused whether you should be choosing a spring mattress vs coil, then we might have a solution for you. We understand how both a pocket coil works as well as how a pocket spring works. Once you understand the functional aspects of these mattresses, it will help you decide which one would be the best spring mattress for you. Let us understand the two types of mattresses individually.  

Pocket Spring:

Material inside: 

The first type, Pocket Spring, as the name suggests, comprises several individual springs. The springs are not interconnected but independent. These springs are inserted in individual pockets or sleeves. Comfort foam provides the padding and is placed above these springs. The latex or memory foam over the pocket spring makes the pocket spring a comfortable choice. 

Quality of springs:

Top-quality springs are encased in calico, and the spring wire will have vanadium plating. This allows the springs to breathe and controls the build-up of heat. Vanadium plating ensures that the springs don’t rust. 

Types of Pocket Springs:

There are 2 types of pocket springs, synthetic spun-bond springs and calico encased pocket springs. Calico represents premium quality. 

The number of springs:

The spring count for a pocket sprung mattress will be in the range of 600 to 2000 pocket springs per unit. Lower springs have a higher diameter, and higher springs have a lower diameter. There is a relationship between the weight of the person and the number of springs as well, in fact, spring tension is also an important consideration while selecting a mattress. If you weigh between 50 to 101 kg, medium spring tension will do. For those who weigh over 100 kg, firm spring tension will be required. 

Spring Count:

An entry-level pocket sprung mattress will have a spring count of 600. As the number of springs in a mattress goes up according to size, a king-size mattress will have a proportionately higher number of springs. 

 What Kind of a Sleeper Are You

The pocket sprung mattress is ideal for those who are looking for something supportive yet firm. The springs have a better holding-up effect compared to other mattresses. 

The lifespan of the Mattress:

While a pocket sprung mattress can handle pressure better due to the individual coil, there is also wear and tear of these coils. The coils lose their strength over the years, and the mattress loses its flexibility to become very hard. You might be able to increase the lifespan of the mattress a bit by turning it and ensure that kids don’t jump on it, but these mattresses don’t last more than 8 to 10 years. 


Pocket sprung mattresses don’t heat up a lot and remain cool. The foam on top of the spring does increase the heat a bit. You need to ensure that the quality of the foam is good.

Motion Transfer:

When you move on a pocket sprung mattress, there is efficient motion transfer. The bed does not shake when you move as the springs react to your movement and respond accordingly to the pressure. 

The pocket spring is much softer compared to the pocket coil. 

Who Should Choose This Mattress

If there are people with two different weights, then the pocket sprung mattress is ideal for them. They provide better support because of the independent movement of the springs. When your partner moves in bed, you’ll feel the impact lesser as compared to a pocket coil. 


Pocket Coil:

Material inside:

A pocket coil mattress is also known as an innerspring mattress. Metal coils are used to ensure support and resistance. They lead to greater independence in movement and better response for the mattress.

Unlike the conventional pocket coil, the coils are all independent and not connected. 

The cylindrical shape of the springs provides better support compared to the hour-glass shape of springs used in conventional innerspring mattresses. Memory foam or latex are used to keep the surface of the mattress soft. A fabric sleeve is wrapped around each spring. 

Coil Gauges:

The number of gauges determines the thickness of the mattress. The lower the number of gauges, the firmer the mattress will be. The number ranges between 12 and 15. 

The lifespan of the mattress:

The lower the number of coil gauges, the longer the mattress will last. 

The number of coils:

There are 300 coils in a full mattress, 400 in a queen mattress and 380 in a queen mattress. These are the minimum number. A higher number does not mean more comfort. 

What Kind of a Sleeper Are You

The pocket coil mattress provides varying degrees of tension. You will have more response points near your foot and a firmer response in the middle. This mattress adapts to the shape of the body

Your partner can move freely, and you won’t be disturbed. 

The lifespan of the mattress:

The lifespan of a pocket coil mattress ranges between 6.5 to 7 years. Latex hybrids last longer compared to memory foam hybrids. You will find body impressions and sagging in these mattresses. 


Due to the independent coils, there is smooth airflow, and this leads to the prevention of body overheating. 

Motion Transfer:

The motion transfer in a pocketed coil mattress is less compared to the conventional innerspring mattress. The specific coils being pressed react, not the surrounding coils. 

Who Should Use This Mattress

Pocket coil mattresses adapt easily to the shape of the body. It provides relief to the back, shoulders, hip and neck, leading to fewer problems in terms of pain from these areas. If you are suffering from problems in these areas, you will get some relief by using this mattress. 

 Which is The Right Mattress For Me

When it comes to choosing mattresses, there are a lot of factors to be taken into account like your body weight. Both these mattresses take the shape of the body and provide the required support. If you need a mattress to help relieve aches from body parts, then a pocket coil mattress would be a better choice. 


Choose the right mattress and have a peaceful night’s sleep!