Problems with latex hybrid mattress

Problems with latex hybrid mattress

For those sleepers who cannot take the plunge and buy a natural latex mattress, a latex hybrid mattress tries to make the transition smoother. Also, it is a good alternative to a natural spring mattress, which over time, loses its firmness, its support, its durability, and tends to turn into a haven for dust mites. 

A latex hybrid mattress has several advantages over innerspring mattresses. Some of these benefits include: 


  • Latex hybrid mattress is more durable compared to an innerspring mattress
  • Latex hybrid bedding material offers better firmness than innerspring 
  • Latex hybrid mattress is more hypoallergenic than a natural spring mattress 
  • Latex hybrid mattress gives better motion separation than spring 


However, despite these benefits of a latex hybrid mattress, it is not preferred by sleepers over a natural memory foam bedding material. Why is that so? Let us find out in today’s post. 

Problems with latex hybrid mattress 

 A latex hybrid mattress with its layer/s of latex tries to overcome the disadvantages of a spring mattress. Nonetheless, it cannot compete with the likes of natural memory foam. While the first factor causing this is the spring involved in the design of hybrid mattresses, the other factor is the disadvantages of latex mattress itself. Most of the time, the latex layer that is used in hybrid mattresses is not of a natural latex mattress, which means they are not naturally bouncy and naturally hypoallergenic. Also, the problems of a spring mattress like its metal coils degrading after a while and the mattress making squeaky sounds when a sleeper moves, is still true for even a hybrid mattress. 

Apart from these, the other problems of a hybrid mattress include the fact that it is expensive compared to other mattress types and is heavy too, which means moving it from one room to another isn’t an option. Also, because it is heavy, cleaning and maintaining it becomes a problem for the users. 

How to overcome the drawbacks of a latex hybrid mattress? Go for a memory foam mattress

Advantages of a memory foam mattress 


A memory foam mattress is a better alternative to spring mattress compared to latex hybrid mattress. Here are the reasons: 

  • Offers body contouring

A memory foam mattress adapts to the body shape of the sleeper. Regardless of your sleeping position – which means, whether you are a front sleeper, back sleeper, side sleeper, or all-in-one sleeper – a memory foam mattress will offer you its best. It will offer optimal alignment to the spine, by making sure your spine is not bent in an unnatural way during sleep. The mattress also prevents postural defects from forming in the sleeper’s body. 

  • Offers proper blood circulation 

A memory foam mattress distributes the bodyweight of the sleeper throughout, thus ensuring no blood clots are formed in the sleeper’s body. The mattress makes sure that proper blood circulation happens in the sleeper, and by doing so, prevents feelings of restlessness during sleep. This feature is crucial for healthy eight-hour sleep. 

  • Prevents dust mites from setting camp

Though an innerspring mattress with a layer of latex in place is more hypoallergenic compared to a natural spring mattress, it cannot offer the same level of hygiene as a natural memory foam mattress. A memory foam mattress will not only prevent dust from settling on the surface of the mattress but will also keep dust mites from seeping into its layers and wrecking the hygiene of the bed. 

  1. Provides motion isolation 

A memory foam mattress will offer better motion isolation compared to latex hybrid mattress. Memory foam layers absorb any kind of motion that occurs on their surface and makes sure it is not spread in the form of waves through the entire mattress. By isolating the motion, the mattress will give zero disturbance sleep to both the sleepers. This feature of a memory foam mattress makes it an ideal choice for couples

Because of the features of a memory foam mattress and disadvantages of latex hybrid mattress, the former makes for a better sleep investment compared to the latter. If you want something in between which will give you the goodness of both memory foam as well as latex, then consider a latex foam mattress. To know more about this new type of mattress, keep following this space!