Rubberised coir mattress Everything you need to know

Rubberised coir mattress: Everything you need to know

What is a rubberised coir mattress? We have read so much about a latex mattress, spring mattress, coir and foam mattress, but what is a rubberised coir mattress and how is it different from other mattress types? Also, what is the difference between rubberised coir and coir mattress? Does rubberised coir have an advantage over natural coir mattress? Where can you find the best-rubberised coir mattress in India? 

Today’s post answers all these questions and more. 

Rubberised coir mattress 

A coir mattress with latex in it to solve coir mattress’s inability to offer bounce, firmness, and durability. Rubberised coir tries to increase the lifespan of a coir mattress. A natural coir mattress is loved for its natural hypoallergenic quality and natural firmness. However, over time and with use, the mattress starts sagging and becomes unfit to offer a supportive and comfortable sleep. Coir mattress brands, therefore, are incorporating latex into their design to solve this issue. 

When you are purchasing a rubberised coir mattress, it is important to find out if the brand has actually included a latex solution into its design or not. Oftentimes, brands just slightly improve the bouncy quality of coir mattress and label it as rubberised coir. This does not solve the problem of sagginess in coir mattress. 

Difference between rubberised coir and coir mattress


What differentiates a rubberised coir mattress from coir mattress is the latex involved. In a simple coir mattress, no latex is present. Because of this, a coir mattress cannot offer good bounce to the sleeper’s body, and over a period of type, starts creating pressure points in the sleeper’s neck, shoulders, and hips. To solve this issue, latex is included between the coir sheets. Latex is known for features, such as bounce, firmness, hypoallergenic quality, and motion isolation. By including latex into its design, coir mattresses try to incorporate the goodness of the former into its bedding material. 

A rubberised coir mattress, due to the latex present, can distribute the sleeper’s bodyweight uniformly because the sleeper wakes up without any pain in his or her joints. It also takes care of the sleeper’s spine by not bending it in an unnatural way during sleep

Difference in features 

Natural coir mattress

  • Gives natural firmness, which deteriorates with use 
  • Since it is natural, it is very hygienic, and therefore, good for people with sensitive skin
  • Offers good ventilation to air and heat, which means you will not sleep hot through the night 


Rubberised coir mattress 

The features of rubberised coir mattress, as compared to natural coir mattress are: 

  • Better back support
  • Better bounce
  • Hypoallergenic quality of coir is maintained 
  • Better spinal alignment 
  • Better motion isolation
  • Temperature neutrality of coir is maintained 


Disadvantages of rubberised coir 

Though rubberised coir mattresses try to overcome the disadvantages of coir, it does so only to a certain extent. For instance, although rubberised coir mattress lasts longer than coir, it does not beat the likes of memory foam mattresses. Over time, rubberised coir too starts sagging from the edges and soon all over. This is extremely hazardous for the health of your spine. It also has the potential of ruining your posture and causing terrible back pain and joint aches. 

The maintenance part is also a bummer. You need to take great care of rubberised coir mattresses just like natural coir mattresses. You have to ensure it does not get wet, as it cannot stop fluid seeping into its layers. This also means there is a possibility of hygiene being compromised. 

Finally, the very reason that people opt for rubberised coir instead of coir is the bounce. However, if latex or adequate quantity of latex is not used, the rubberised coir mattress will not give you the necessary bounce. In fact, according to market surveys, most of the rubberised coir mattresses available either have too little latex included or have no latex at all. The latter just call their mattresses rubberised coir because it is supposed to give a good bounce. It is best not to go for these mattresses, and instead choose alternatives, such as memory foam mattresses or latex mattresses. 


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