Mattress for back pain

Should Firm Mattresses be Used for Lower Back Pain?

If you constantly suffer from lower back pain, then you need to be careful while choosing a mattress for better sleep. Some suggest a firm mattress for better back support, but it is not the proper solution. 

The spine’s natural curvature is not supported by a firm mattress, and this will make your lower back pain worse. A mattress for low back pain needs to adjust to the contours of the body and applies less pressure to the curvature of the spine. 

What Kind of Mattress Is Best For Lower Back Pain

Let us first find out why a firm mattress might not be an ideal mattress for lower back pain.

Pressure Points:

Pressure points are created on your pelvic area and shoulder by a firm mattress. If you have a habit of sleeping on your side, you will feel uncomfortable on a firm mattress. If you have lower back pain, these pressure points will cause it to become more intense. 

There could be an additional problem of numbness at the pressure points, and you will constantly be moving from one side to the other for getting into a comfortable position. 

Since the mattress is uniformly firm, there won’t be any comfortable position for you, leading to continuous sleepless nights. 

Affects Spinal Alignment: 

The normal alignment of your spine will be affected adversely with a firm mattress. Your shoulders and hips, the heaviest areas of your body, will get support. Apart from the pressure points discussed earlier, you will have problems with your spine due to lack of support on a long-term basis.

If you have low-back pain, then your body will continuously try to find support for the spine, and as a result of this, you will suffer from chronic low-back pain. 

Lack of Uniform Support

As the different parts of your body are not supported uniformly, your back pain will get worse. For sound sleep every night, you need overall support for your body and a mattress conforming to the contours of your body. 

The Right Mattress for Lower Back Pain

If a firm mattress should be avoided for lower back pain, then what is the solution? Here are some points to consider while buying the right mattress. 


When it comes to the right mattress for your lower back pain, then choose one that is in the medium category, neither too firm nor too soft. Just like a firm mattress is harmful to your lower back pain, so is a soft mattress as your entire body will sink in. If you continue using a very soft mattress, your back pain will get worse.

Your body weight and type will have to be considered when choosing the right mattress. If you weigh over 100 kg, then a thicker and firmer mattress will be the right choice.


The material used in the mattress is important when it comes to improving your lower back pain. If you have a lower back problem, then the best choice is latex mattress for better back support.

For sound sleep every night, a memory foam mattress is the best choice as you get the effect of a spring mattress. It supports all the curves of your body, leading to better spinal alignment. This mattress is the most popular when it comes to comfort. With proper rest all night, your lower back pain will be better.

Try out a memory foam mattress you will find that your body contours will be supported and you will feel the comfort.


Is There a Mattress for All Age Groups

When it comes to a preferable mattress for all age people, there is no one size of mattress that fits all! A teen has different needs compared to seniors. Kids and pregnant women can’t use the same mattress. Your need for a mattress will change depending on your age and stage of life. Ideally, you should evaluate your mattress every 5 to 7 years. If you find that it is not comfortable, then you need to change it. 

When kids grow out of cribs, you will have to find the right mattress for your child. A twin XL or full-size mattress would be appropriate. When it comes to teenagers, it depends on what stage of their teens your children are in. If they have just entered their teens, then a full XL mattress is suggested as this is their growth phase. 

If you are a couple, then a firm and bouncy mattress will be ideal. The weight of your partner is also a consideration while choosing the right mattress. The mattress should have a spring impact. If you are a pregnant woman, you would need a mattress that is soft and yet maintains spine alignment. Most pregnant women experience back pain which intensifies with the progress of the pregnancy. For middle-aged people, support and spinal alignment should be the top priority, and a latex mattress could be the ideal choice for sound sleep every night

Latex mattresses are also a great choice for senior citizens which helps in minimizing back pain. 

Enjoy A Good Night’s Sleep With The Right Mattress

Your choice of mattress would depend on your stage of life and in general, a mattress that supports the spinal curvature and provides good support would be the mattress for better sleep.