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Take the Online Route – Top 5 Mattress Brands to look out for!

If you are planning to buy mattress online, here’s the ultimate list of the best mattress brands to look out for. 

  • Wakefit 

Wakefit is one of the most popular online mattress brands right now. It is being lauded for creating innovative sleep solutions that put the sleeper’s priorities on top. 

The first product that needs to be mentioned is the Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress. The mattress is designed to keep your spine healthy by contouring to your body shape. It makes sure the spine is not unnaturally bent and that the pressure points like the hips, shoulders and neck, do not feel any pain during sleep. 

The mattress also distributes the bodyweight of the sleeper to ensure neither blood clots are formed nor any kind of restlessness is felt. 

The mattress comes with a warranty of 10 years. 

The Dual Comfort Mattress allows the sleeper to experience two kinds of firmness in the same mattress – while the base of the mattress is relatively firmer (good for the winter season), the other side is soft and fluffy (ideal for summers). 

The creators at Wakefit have given due attention to the concern of hygiene also. The mattresses come with a removable cover that can be washed and cleaned whenever you wish in order to maintain the freshness of the mattress. 

Two very important features of Wakefit mattresses are – first, the CoolFit memory foam with its open cell structure giving the mattress the ability to offer temperature neutrality, and second, the transition foam layer that lets the hips and shoulders to comfortably sink in while the spine remains straight.    

  • Kurl-On

On this list of top five mattress brands, we cannot miss out on Kurl-On, especially its Therapeutic/Orthopedic mattress which is being hailed by customers. 

This mattress contains both springs as well as foam. As a result, you can expect amazing support to your body during sleep. The PU foam quilt contours the body to keep the pressure points happy and not causing them any sort of ache. 

The high tensile Bonnel spring with helical wire technology is great for comfort and body bounce. The feature of motion isolation is also offered since the helical wire locks the springs. 

The PU foam side support comfort layer makes the mattress very durable. This prevents the spring from ageing or making any squeaky sound as it ages. 

Kurl-On too looks at hygiene as a priority, and therefore, have hypoallergenic mattresses that prevent microbes and/or dust from settling in them. This helps keep the mattress clean and smelling fresh for years together.  

The viscoelastic memory foam in the mattress is responsible for providing temperature neutrality to the sleeper. The mattress comes with 10 years of warranty. 

  • Sleepwell 

Sleepwell’s SleepX Brill PU Foam mattress makes the brand a top contender on this list. 

This memory foam mattress provides the sleeper with the ultimate body support, thus keeping the spine aligned and the pressure points rested. 

The Neem Fresche technology makes the mattress hypoallergenic, which means the microbes and allergens, as well as dust, don’t hide in the mattress. 

Sleepwell uses a plush fabric for its mattress that makes it extremely comforting to the skin, giving you the feeling of luxury and regality. 

 The mattress comes with only 3 years of warranty though, and customers find it a little overpriced compared to the other brands though the features offered are the same. 

  • Sundayrest 

The Sundayrest mattress brand claims that once you purchase one of its mattresses, you can bid farewell to all the tossing and turning you have been doing at night. 

The mattresses are created with breathable fabric so they circulate both heat and air through them, allowing the sleeper to sleep cool and the mattress to remain fresh. 

The brand uses 100 per cent organic cotton in their designs and the finest certified foam from Belgium.  

When it comes to firmness, you have three varieties to choose from: Ortho Plus Mattress (Firmness= 6/10), Latex Plus Mattress (Firmness = 5/10), and Memory Plus Mattress (Firmness 7/10). 

  • Sleepycat 

SleepyCat uses a high-quality gel memory foam for its orthopaedic mattress. The gel technology helps the mattress absorb the body heat of the sleeper and then circulate it so that the temperature is not trapped inside, and thus, the sleeper can sleep comfortably through the night. 

Like all orthopaedic mattresses on this list, the SleepyCat Orthopedic Mattress too, makes sure the spine of the sleeper is not bent unnaturally during sleep. As a result, over a period of use, one might improve one’s posture by sleeping on SleepyCat. 

The mattress has an inch of gel memory foam and five inches of support foam that gives the body the firmness it needs. 

This mattress comes with 5 years of warranty. 

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