thick mattress topper

Thick mattress topper advantages

Are you planning to buy mattress toppers? Are you confused between various mattress topper types or are you finding it difficult to even understand the difference between mattress toppers and mattress protectors or covers? The time to worry is now over. In today’s post, we will dispel all the myths about mattress toppers, the differences between a mattress topper and a mattress protector, and understand what a mattress pad really does. 

Mattress toppers 

What is a mattress topper really, that is obviously the best place to start this post. Let us get that out of the way and then focus on the benefits of investing in one and what kind to invest in. 

So a mattress topper is an additional mattress you invest in when you want to elevate the comfort level of your current mattress. Say, for example, you bought a mattress a couple of years ago. The mattress has begun to sag along the edges and makes it very difficult for you to get your regular quota of good sleep. Now investing in a new mattress is out of the question because your current mattress is almost new and mattresses are an expensive investment.

So what do you do? Do you swallow your pains and keep pretending that all is well and the entire time you sleep uncomfortably putting you at risk of a number of ailments and illnesses? Does not sound like a plan to us! So the smart thing to do in such a situation is to buy a mattress pad. 

Mattress pads and mattress protectors 

Let us now get into the differences between a mattress pad and a mattress protector. While a mattress pad improves the comfort levels and the support system of the old mattress, a mattress protector’s job is to safeguard the mattress from spills, stains, dust and other allergens.

A mattress protector is usually waterproof which means it will prevent fluids from seeping into the mattress layers and ruining not only the mattress’ hygiene and freshness but also its ability to support the sleeper. A mattress protector is way cheaper compared to a mattress pad. A mattress pad is also a good idea when you and your sleeping partner have varied firmness needs. So if you want a firmer mattress, you can add a mattress pad on your side of the bed when you sleep. 

Memory foam mattress pads 

Now that we know what mattress pads are and how they are different from mattress protectors, let us get into the benefits of using the best and thick mattress pad in the market, that is the memory foam mattress pad. 

A thick memory foam mattress topper has the following advantages: 

  • Body conformity 

The memory foam mattress topper will adapt to your body sleep. Irrespective of your sleeping positions or style, the mattress topper will make sure your body shape is conformed to perfectly. This gives you the most snuggly sleeping experience ever.

  • No pressure points 

The memory foam mattress pad ensures that no pressure points are created in the sleeper’s neck, hips, and shoulders. How does it do so? By distributing the body weight of the sleeper evenly throughout so that the heavy parts of the sleeper’s body get more support while the lighter parts get adequate firmness, the mattress ensures the sleeper does not wake up with pain in the joints or any blood clots and feelings of restlessness. 

  • Motion isolation 

If you share your bed with someone, then it is best to go for a thick memory foam mattress topper. The mattress topper will absorb the motion of one sleeper when he or she turns or tosses and completely separates it so that the other sleeper is not jostled out of bed. 

  • Spinal alignment 

By offering body conformity and distributing your bodyweight uniformly, the memory foam mattress pad will make sure your spine maintains its natural alignment during sleep. As a result, your spine is not bent in an unnatural way during sleep and so your posture is not affected. 

Do you own a mattress topper? How has your experience been so far?