Too firm or not too firm? We’ll help you decide

Too firm or not too firm, that is the question! How thick a mattress should be, is a tricky subject, because it is relative. The thickness that I prefer may not give you the relaxation you seek. Also, at times, we aren’t aware of what is comfortable for ourselves, which makes the search for the best mattress even more difficult. This guide is specifically designed to help you in your quest to find the firm mattress of your dreams.

How brands label their mattresses

When mattress shopping, you must know that different brands label their mattresses differently. For e.g., some brands prefer numbered ratings where they provide a scale for thickness. According to customers, this makes the selection process complicated. 

Other brands, therefore, provide a one-size-fits-all sleep solution that appeals to the shoppers. However, the problem with this is that there is no universally comfortable thickness since people are different and so are their comforts. 

Hence, most brands categorize their thickness into three types: soft, medium, and firm, which is both simple and allows you to make a proper choice.

Knowing which firmness is right for you 

There are a lot of factors to consider for the right firmness when planning to buy a mattress online or offline. Some of these include spinal alignment, sleep position, sleeping alone or with a partner, bodyweight etc. 

Let us deal with each one by one. 

  • Spinal alignment 

Since our muscles relax when we sleep, our bodies rely on the mattress to maintain the correct alignment of our spine. If your mattress cannot support your back, then you are likely to wake up with aches all over. Therefore, go for a mattress that maintains the natural alignment of your spine. It should distribute your body weight in such a way that the hips and shoulders sink into the mattress, keeping the backbone straight and your pressure points relieved. 

  • Sleeping position

What position you sleep in needs to be considered when buying a mattress. According to experts, side sleepers should pick soft mattresses as that surface will relieve the points of pressure in the shoulders and hips. This type of mattress will also ensure that the arm tucked beneath the sleeper does not get numb through the night. People who sleep on their stomachs need firmer mattresses since the pressure on the hips and pelvis is greater and these are the areas that support most of our body weight. If you are a back sleeper, then firmness is not much of an issue for you. However, in case you want to narrow in on one, then go for a medium firmness mattress. 

  • Sleeping with a partner 

Since, in this case, there are two people involved, the choice gets trickier. Your sleeping positions are quite likely to be different and so is your body weight. In such cases, for safety sake, pick a medium firmness mattress. 

  • Bodyweight and type

Knowing your Body Mass Index (BMI), will come in handy when choosing a mattress. The more you weigh, it is better to avoid soft mattresses since your body will sink into it while you sleep, thus putting immense force on your pressure points. For people with a lower BMI, a firm mattress may not be a good option since it makes them feel pushed on top. 

Some mattresses, like Sleepyhead’s Cooling Foam Mattress, provide multilayer support that works for all body types. Kurl On’s Angelica Box Top comes with high-density PU foam layers on the top and has bottom springs for extra body support. 

Wakefit’s Dual Comfort Mattress, on the contrary, has two usable surfaces. While one side is medium-firm, the other is medium soft. This way, you can select a surface of your choice, depending on your body weight, needs of your spinal cord and pressure points, as well as the changing weather conditions. According to experts, the softer side is suitable for summers, while the firmer side works best in winters. 

Considering these factors can go a long way when purchasing a mattress. To get the right firmness for you, consider buying your mattress online. This way you get a sleep trial and a break-in period, which help you greatly to make the right choice.