Durable Bed Mattress

What brand of mattress lasts the longest?

Everyone wants to invest in a mattress that lasts long, and we get it – you are making a major investment and you don’t want it to be a bad one. 

To help you to that end, here’s a list of all mattress brands that design mattresses which last long. 

Most Durable Bed Mattress Online India

Here’s a list of the best mattress brands in India that design sleep solutions that are durable.  

  • Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

The Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress designed by Wakefit, a much loved Indian mattress brand, is one of the most durable foam mattresses available online. But how can we be sure of their durability? The features don’t lie. 

This mattress uses several different foam layers to make sure the sleeper’s spine is not bent in an unnatural way. So much effort is taken to ensure that the spine alignment remains natural even during sleep. 

Speaking of the layers, we have the next generation memory foam – the most important foam layer in the mattress – that adapts to the sleeper’s body. 

The ability of the memory foam layer to conform to the sleeper’s body during their sleep helps make sure that the neck, shoulders and hips of the sleeper are not affected or pressured. These are usually the points where sleepers feel ache and pain when they use mattresses that aren’t designed well. 

The Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress is designed to distribute the body weight of the sleeper. This ensures the sleeper does not develop blood clots. 

The mattress has a zonal support transition layer that ensures the heavier parts of the sleeper’s body are given more support than the lighter parts. This layer along with the memory foam is responsible for keeping the spine in place. This not only makes the mattress sturdy but ensures it lasts for years without losing its firmness. 

  • Sleepycat’s Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Sleepycat’s Gel Memory Foam Mattress uses gel memory foam to maintain temperature neutrality. So at night the mattress does not absorb and trap the body heat of the sleeper. This ensures the sleeper gets a peaceful goodnight’s sleep. 

The memory foam distributes the bodyweight of the sleeper evenly so that the pressure points are taken care of and feel no discomfort in the morning. 

The high-density foam used by Sleepycat give sleepers great firmness and ensure that the mattress lasts long. 

  • Dreamz Orthocare Memory Foam Eurotop Mattress

Dreamz Orthocare Memory Foam Eurotop Mattress is known for the ultimate firmness which makes it qualify for this list on the most durable Indian mattresses available online. 

The mattress takes care of the pressure points in the sleeper’s body while also ensuring the spine is not bent during sleep. 

The mattress offers extra support along the edges. This also ensures the corners don’t sag over time.

The two-inch Visco memory foam helps keep the spine straight and can, with regular use, improve the sleeper’s posture.  

  • Wakefit’s Dual Comfort Memory Foam Mattress

In its Dual Comfort Memory Foam Mattress, Wakefit uses two layers of foam to let you experience and have a choice between extra firmness and medium firmness in the same mattress.

While the base has high resilience foam for support, the other side is soft foam for a cloud-like sleeping experience. The sleeping surface offers medium firmness and can be used during summers. The harder side can be used during winters for extra firmness and support. 

The breathable fabric on top ensures that your mattress circulates air and heat at all times.  

  1. Sleepyhead 6-inch Queen Size Memory Foam Mattress

The Sleepyhead memory foam mattress’ features make it one of the most durable Indian mattresses available in India. 

The high-quality foam offers motion isolation. This is a particularly important feature in a mattress when it is used by two people. If one sleeper moves or turns during the night, then the mattress absorbs the motion and isolates it so that the other sleeper keeps sleeping peacefully and is not woken up.  

The high-quality cover used by Sleepyhead for the mattress makes the latter hypoallergenic. What does this mean? If you are someone with sensitive skin who gets rashes from dust, this cover can be removed and washed regularly to maintain the overall hygiene of the mattress. 

Like Wakefit, Sleepyhead too has many layers that go into designing their mattress. These include a support foam, a responsive memory foam, a comfort foam, and a springy breathable foam. The natural latex foam keeps the mattress free of toxins. 

This is the ultimate list of the most durable Indian mattresses available online. 

Was this list helpful? Did we miss out on any brand?