coil spring mattress

What is a coil spring mattress?

This space is dedicated to various mattress types. Here we distil the qualities of each mattress type, discuss their disadvantages, and compare them. We have several detailed articles that analyse latex vs foam vs coir vs spring mattress for anyone who is planning to buy a new mattress. 

Today, we are discussing coil spring mattress, its benefits, its features, its drawbacks and where it stands compared to other mattresses. Keep reading to know more. 

What are the features of a coil spring mattress?

If you are buying a best pocket coil mattress, then it is important you know in detail about its features and the benefits of buying this mattress. Some of the features of coil spring mattress include, 

  • Familiarity 

What makes spring a popular choice among customers is that people are familiar with this mattress type. People fear change, and so spring has a huge advantage of familiarity as it has been around for years. 



An innerspring mattress offers natural temperature neutrality. It will absorb the heat and circulate it through the material at all times, thus allowing the sleeper to sleep comfortably throughout the night. 

  •  Affordable 

An innerspring mattress is way more affordable compared to other mattress types, such as pocket coil, latex, and memory foam mattresses. But is that enough? Let us find out what are the drawbacks of this mattress type, and can we overlook them just because the mattress is cheaper than other bedding materials. 


Drawbacks of an innerspring mattress 

An innerspring mattress is not the most ideal choice when it comes to bedding materials. The reasons behind this are as follows:  

  • Not hypoallergenic   

An innerspring mattress is not hypoallergenic. In fact, over time, it turns into a hub for dust mites. It will let the dust settle on its surface, and as time goes by, allow the dust to seep into its layers. This is terrible for anyone with breathing issues or sensitive skin. Also, spring mattresses are not naturally resistant to mould, thus jeopardizing the hygiene of the entire bedding. 

  • Not long-lasting 

Innerspring mattresses are not durable. Depending on the quality of metal coils used and/or the number of coils packed in, an innerspring mattress starts deteriorating pretty soon. 

  • Poor motion isolation 

Since the coils of the innerspring mattresses start breaking down, they cannot prevent motion created by one partner from being transferred in the form of waves through the entire bedding material. As a result, the other sleeper is bound to get disturbed in their sleep. Also, with age, the coils of an innerspring mattress start making a squeaky sound which prevents zero disturbance sleep. 


What are the features of a pocket spring mattress?

Let us now discuss the features of a pocket spring mattress and how it is better compared to an innerspring or coil spring mattress.


  • Better motion isolation 

A pocket spring mattress gives better motion separation compared to an innerspring mattress. A pocket spring mattress can separate the motion of a sleeper when they turn or toss or slip in and out of bed to some extent, and therefore try to offer zero disturbance sleep to the other sleeper. However, when you compare this with the likes of memory foam or latex, then pocket spring mattress stands nowhere. So if you are planning to buy a bed that you will be sharing with someone, then go for bedding materials like latex and memory foam, instead of spring. 


  • More durable

A pocket spring mattress is more durable compared to an innerspring mattress. It will last longer than coil spring, however, not as much as memory foam or latex mattresses. 


  • More support 

A pocket spring mattress also offers better support than an innerspring mattress. However, it will not adapt to the body shape of the sleeper as well as latex and foam. Therefore, even in pocket spring mattress like innerspring mattresses, you will experience pain in the shoulders, hips and joints. It will not successfully prevent the creation of pressure points in these areas, leaving you with back pain and unnaturally bending your spine too. 

A pocket spring mattress is way better than innerspring when you compare the features. However, memory foam mattresses with their natural spinal alignment and latex with its bounciness are way better options than spring.