Coil or Pocket Spring Mattress

Which is a Better Choice – Open Coil or Pocket Spring Mattress

When you need to buy a new mattress, you must have asked yourself which would be the right mattress for you. It is important to choose the right mattress because a good night’s sleep is imperative to have a productive day the next morning. A proper mattress also leads to the correct alignment of your spine and the prevention of aches and pains. 

Now the needs of people are different with firm surfaces appealing to some and softer surfaces to others. You might have problems feeling hot when you sleep and might need a mattress that has a cooling effect. 

There are different types of mattresses available, and we are going to find out about 2 mattresses, open coil and pocket spring mattress. We will be discussing the features of these mattresses so that you can decide which one suits you the best between spring mattress vs coil


Introduction to an Open Coil Mattress 

When it comes to mattresses, the most common one is an open coil mattress. The springs of these mattresses are interconnected. These mattresses are manufactured traditionally and can be produced on a mass basis. As far as price is concerned, they are the cheapest. The number of springs that can be found in a double open coil type of mattress would be 300. The springs are in the shape of an hourglass which leads to even weight distribution from top to bottom. 


What You Should Know About These Mattresses

There are certain terms relating to a mattress that you need to be familiar with like a gauge. This refers to the thickness of the wires that the springs are made with. A firm mattress will have fewer gauges leading to thicker gauges and greater firmness for the mattress. These mattresses are the traditional type of innerspring mattresses. 

For example, you will find the firmness and the support you need in a 12-gauge mattress. However, if you are looking for something which is softer and provides enough support, you should choose a 13.5-gauge mattress. 

To prevent sagging in a mattress, the open-coiled mattress should have a high-gauge rod edge. This will help the mattress in retaining its shape.


Should I go For An Open Coil Mattress

We will share the pros and cons of an open coil mattress so that you can decide whether it will serve your purpose or not. 


Due to their firmness and support, open coils are used in orthopaedic mattresses. They are softer than a pocket spring mattress. It is easy to turn them as they are light. 

If you want extra comfort, then get an open coil mattress with a memory foam topper. 


Other mattresses are more robust compared to an open coil mattress. They tend to dip in the centre after being used for a prolonged period. Your sleep will be affected if your partner moves due to the roll-together effect. If your partner is heavier than you are, then the mattress will support their weight. 

There are problems with motion transfer

These mattresses are best suited for children, and the lifespan would be around 3 to 5 years. 

Pocket Sprung Mattress

When it comes to supporting, pocket spring mattress is far better compared to open coiled mattresses. The springs in these mattresses are independent and fitted into their pockets. There is foam over these springs for comfort.

The spring count for these mattresses varies widely between 600 and 5000 depending on whether you are using a standard bed or a king-sized bed.

There is a direct connection between support of a mattress and spring count, with higher spring counts providing better support.

These mattresses are breathable and help regulate your body temperature keeping it cool.


What You Need to Understand About These Mattresses

If you are choosing a pocket spring mattress, don’t just go by the spring count. There could be a mattress with a higher number of inferior-quality springs and a superior mattress with fewer but quality springs. 

To make the right decision, it is important to study the specifications of the mattress, such as the material used for topping and filling the mattress. The quality and the price of a pocket spring mattress will depend on this. 

A pocket spring mattress with fewer than 1000 springs will be considered low quality. Synthetic and organic materials are used in them. 

These mattresses give you an extra bounce for that springy sensation. Pocket sprung mattresses have better motion separation compared to open coil mattresses. 


Should I Choose a Pocket Spring Mattress

Like any other mattress, there are both pros and cons for this mattress as well.


As the springs are not connected, there is more support and firmness for you. It is suited for two people with different weights, and there is lesser ‘roll-together’ feeling. 


These mattresses are heavy due to their high-density fillings making it difficult to turn them. You need to be careful if you have any allergies as these mattresses are made of lamb wool, a natural material, which can cause allergies. 

The lifespan of a pocket spring mattress is between 7 and 10 years. The lifespan of these mattresses can be improved by flipping the mattress leading to lesser wear and tear. 

 What is the Right Mattress for Me

Both open coil and pocket spring mattress have their pros and cons. The right mattress for you will depend on whether you need firmness and support or any other feature. There are mattresses which will support two people with different weights. 

Find out which mattress supports you the best and enjoy your sleep!