Why innerspring mattress needs a topper

Why innerspring mattress needs a topper

Do you own an innerspring mattress and are having a number of difficulties with it? Do you want to upgrade your mattress without getting rid of it or spending a fortune on it? Is it possible to enhance one’s innerspring mattress without throwing it away? Let us introduce you today to a magical solution to all your problems, that is, mattress toppers

Let us first try to understand what kind of problems crop up when you purchase an innerspring mattress. An innerspring mattress is usually bought by people out of loyalty since their parents and grandparents used it so they assume they should invest in it too. The other reason is similar in the sense innerspring mattresses have been in the market for a long time because of which sleepers happen to assume that it will serve them best. What they do not realise is that the times have changed. Now you have new highly advanced mattresses that have flooded the market.

These mattresses have overcome the problems associated with spring mattresses and have added numerous other advantages to their construction. Therefore, it is very necessary for people thinking of investing in mattresses to go through the properties of other mattresses, such as latex and memory foam mattresses because otherwise, they will be missing out on luxurious and comfortable sleep that other smart buyers are experiencing.

However, if you have already bought an innerspring mattress, then the next best thing to do is give it a good topper. The problems with innerspring mattresses that make it necessary for people to invest in a topper are plenty. Let us look at them one by one. 

Problems with an innerspring mattress 

  • Firmness 

The first problem that occurs in an innerspring mattress is that of firmness. The mattress, depending on the number and quality of metal coils used, starts sagging rather quickly. This causes discomfort to the sleeper who finds it very difficult to get a comfortable sleep on such an unsupportive bedding material. 

  • Spinal alignment 

The next issue with spring mattresses is their inability to give proper spinal alignment to the sleeper. When sleeping on an innerspring mattress, do not expect it to maintain the natural alignment of your spine. Instead, it is quite likely to bend the spine in an unnatural way while you sleep. 

  • Bodyweight distribution

An innerspring mattress also cannot offer the sleeper uniform body weight distribution. As a result, pressure points are created in your neck, shoulders, and hips because of which you are likely to wake up with pain in all these areas and other joints too. You can imagine how all of this does not contribute to good sleep in any way. 

  • Hypoallergenic 

An innerspring mattress is not hypoallergenic. It will not protect you from dust or moulds and other allergens. In fact, the material between the coils makes for the perfect spots for dust mites to gather, thus compromising the hygiene and freshness of the mattress and putting your health in danger. 


Which mattress topper to go for? 

Since you are looking for a mattress topper for your innerspring mattress, it is obvious that you need a sleeping solution that helps overcome the problems of innerspring bedding material. The best choice, therefore, would be a memory foam soft mattress firm support system. This mattress topper will conform to your body shape and will distribute your body weight evenly throughout so that you get the most luxurious sleep that you can dream of.

The mattress topper ensures no pressure points are created in your joints so you wake up with no strange aches in stranger places. The memory foam mattress topper also gives you spine the natural alignment it deserves during sleep irrespective of the sleeping position you like to take your naps in. The mattress topper is hypoallergenic which means it keeps dust, moulds, mites, and other allergens away from you. This means you can breathe freely as you sleep on this bed, and the topper also takes good care of your sensitive skin. Finally, the mattress topper gives you the firmness you need for the most restful sleep that you can ask for.