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Why spring is not a good mattress for people with sensitive skin?

A spring mattress or coir mattress which is better? Or is memory foam the best? These questions are among our FAQS. If you are planning to invest in spring mattress or coir mattress or memory foam mattress or latex mattress, then you have found your way to the right space. Here we discuss the features of these mattress types, the pros and cons, and provide comparisons between them to help you make the right choice of mattress online.

In today’s post, we will be discussing whether or not spring mattress makes for a good sleep investment for people with sensitive skin. Usually, this is one-factor people neglect when purchasing a bed. This is a big mistake considering how your bedding material can wreak havoc on your skin, especially if it is already sensitive and prone to allergies.

A mattress’ hypoallergenic feature determines if it is good for people with sensitive skin or not. A hypoallergenic mattress is one that will keep all sorts of allergens at bay. This mattress will ensure no dust is allowed to settle on its surface. It will also prevent dust, mites, and moulds, from seeping into the layers of the mattress and setting camp there. This mattress makes sure that the overall hygiene of the bedding is maintained so that your skin is not aggravated causing or worsening rashes or acne.


A spring mattress is among the four most popular types of mattresses. However, when it comes to its ability to keep allergies away, the mattress fails. Dust and mites find it very easy to settle in the mattress, thus making the mattress a literal nightmare for the sleeper with sensitive skin.

Our skin repairs itself when we sleep. During the eight hours that we sleep at night, our body goes to the workshop. The skin cells which have been affected throughout the day are taken care of and replenished during this time. As a result, good quality uninterrupted sleep is crucial for this rejuvenation process to be carried out properly.

In case of disturbed bad quality sleep, the condition of the skin deteriorates because of the deep relationship between sleep and skin. The problem with spring mattress is that, over a period of use,  depending on the quality of the metal coils and the number of coils, the mattress begins making an annoying squeaky sound when the sleeper twists or turns. This results in disturbed sleep, which further worsens the condition of the skin.


Spring mattress is not only a bad choice for people with skin conditions, but it is also a poor sleep investment for people with asthma or breathing issues too. The dust trapped in the mattress is likely to worsen your breathing problems. Also, if you tend to catch a cold easily, it is recommended that you go for a hypoallergenic mattress, such as memory foam or natural latex, instead of a spring mattress.


One temporary way to improve your spring mattress’ ability to resist allergens is investing in a memory foam mattress topper. This helps you in several ways. If you are not in a situation to buy a new mattress, then investing in a mattress topper is a quick and cheaper alternative. It gives you the best of memory foam. Memory foam is highly hypoallergenic, thus great for sleepers with sensitive skin. Memory foam also offers motion isolation. Thus, when you are sleeping with a partner, their movement will be completely isolated by the topper, which ensures you are not jostled out of sleep. This is important for the process of skin repair. However, a memory foam mattress topper will never be as good as a memory foam mattress, because over a period of time if the spring mattress under the topper starts making unbearable noise, the topper’s goodness will be insufficient for a good sleep.


If you buy a memory foam mattress, then also invest in a mattress protector. This will elevate the hypoallergenic quality of your mattress as it can be removed and washed as and when. It keeps dust away and is waterproof so you need not worry about stains or spills either.

What mattress do you own currently? What has your experience been so far? Share a review of it with us in the comment section.